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Catch Bunyan & Babe for FREE Great Family Fun

Catch Bunyan & Babe for FREE Great Family Fun

I’m always looking for great family entertainment, especially when I can fall back on interesting stories from my youth. The story of Bunyan & Babe does just that. Given that it has familiar voices from my television watching days, and great animation for the houseful of littles, it was a nice way to break up a day of work and homeschool. Not only that, I have good news! You can redeem this movie for FREE on Google Play for a limited time. Instructions are below. 

I will note that there were plenty of laughter points for all of us, and great teachable moments. The story of Travis going to stay with his grandparents for a bit, and thinking that he will be bored out of his mind is a familiar one to me. There were PLENTY of school vacations where I had to stay with my Granny and felt that she never wanted to do the things that I wanted to do. 

Bunyan & Babe

You can download Bunyan & Babe on Google Play when it is available, for free, from January 12 until February 16, and enjoy it with your family as well. It’s about the normal length of a feature length animated film, and full of great lessons for children and adults. Kelsey Grammar plays an oily real estate developer, while Mark Hamill voices grandpa. John Goodman comes through as Paul Bunyan and Jeff Foxworthy as his trusty sidekick Babe. 

Here is the press release if you need more: 

Bunyan & Babe, a modern take on the American folk story of the legendary lumberjack and his pet blue ox, starring the voice talents of John Goodman, Kelsey Grammer, Jeff Foxworthy, Mark Hamill and YouTube star Johnny Orlando, will be available exclusively for free* on Google Play starting on January 12 from Cinedigm.  An HD version of the animated film will be available exclusively to redeem for free through Google Play here from January 12 to February 16, 2017. Bunyan & Babe will also make its debut in theaters in twelve markets including New York and Los Angeles on February 3.

*US/CA only, ends 2/16/17

In Bunyan & Babe, Travis (Johnny Orlando) and his sister Whitney visit their grandparents for the summer and stumble upon the evil plan of a greedy real estate developer (Kelsey Grammer, “Cheers,” “Frasier”) to steal the land of the town’s longtime residents.  While running from one of the developer’s goons, Travis falls through a magical portal which transports him to the world of American hero, Paul Bunyan (John Goodman, The Big Lebowski, “Roseanne”) & his pet ox, Babe (Jeff Foxworthy, “The Jeff Foxworthy Show”).  Bunyan and Babe get wrapped up in a brand new adventure, and with the help of their new friends Travis and Whitney, they save the town.  Together they learn firsthand that you don’t have to be big to do big things.  

The Dove Foundation called Bunyan & Babe “entertaining and fun for the entire family.” The film is Dove “Family-Approved” for all ages.

To automatically redeem Bunyan & Babe on January 12:

Bunyan & Babe:

Runtime: 85 Mins

Rating: PG


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