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November 2014

Rwanda Path To Peace Baskets

Heart of Haiti – Rwanda Path to Peace

If you haven’t started thinking Thanksgiving decor yet, you’re behind the times. If you haven’t BEEN thinking about how you can support others at this time of year (and of course throughout) you’re just behind. There are so many…

Snow In the City

Sights of the Season

It’s another day and another installment in our senses of the seasons week, and I’m talking about the sights of the season today. I don’t keep it a secret how much I love snow. The magic of it. The…

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Homemade Hot Chocolate: Tastes of the Season

One of the greatest things about this time of year for me is the food. The abundance of food. The smell of food, but most importantly, the love and joy that goes into making the food. There is something…

Joy To The World

Hark How The Bells! Sounds Of the Season

  Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells Do you remember holiday assemblies when you were in elementary school? They were the highlight of the holiday season. We celebrated every single holiday during the assemblies, and looked forward to…

Finding the Spirit in a Sometimes Spiritless Holiday

It’s the season of thanks, and everywhere you look lately, lots of spirits are being broken. From protests in Ferguson, to political turmoil, to the lack of necessities to live life like it was meant to be. Happily. I…

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