Sights of the Season

Snow In the City

It’s another day and another installment in our senses of the seasons week, and I’m talking about the sights of the season today. I don’t keep it a secret how much I love snow. The magic of it. The way that it quietly falls yet, boldly takes over everything in sight. How it creates such mixed feelings in the hearts of so many. I love it. I love the quiet wonder it brings to the eyes and faces of my children – well, everyone but Nate – he’s old enough to be cynical about it. Mostly because he travels in it now, and has to shovel. The horror. 

So, imagine how surprised people were when I read of snow in our forecast and got excited. Yes, I know it’s November. Yes I know about global cooling/warming and yes I’m worried. But for the moment, I relish in the beauty of nature (you know, when it’s not 8 feet worth of snow) and the seemingly preternatural silence that falls after. It’s glorious, and let’s me know that there is definitely a divine hand in everything. Beauty always seems to be in things that can cause great disappointment in the world. Fire, ice, snow, rain, water. All beautiful in their own right, but you know – dangerous. 

Snow in the City

Anyway, back to my  point. Snow is one of the sights around these parts and it seems to be coming earlier and earlier. I’m okay with it staying just in winter, but I do always wish for a White Christmas each and every year. The sparkle of snow that hasn’t been tramped upon is something that makes me quite giddy. All I can think about it making snow angels and snowmen, and having a snowball fight with the family. Making memories. Laughing. Living. Enjoying each other, because that’s what this season is about. Gazing out of the window in wonder at the blanket of white that quiets an entire city. 

Snow in the City

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