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You Were Thinking Back To School Already, Right?!

It’s July 9th, and Mrs. Nicholes must be losing her marbles posting about school supplies!

Well, yes and no. The cellist starts school the second week of August (and I tend to start the ladybug with homeschool the same week that he starts), so I don’t have that much more time to spend thinking about frolicking in the water and visiting museums. Plus, this last week of 100+ temps seems to have taken us through a time vortex.

I feel ill prepared for school, that’s why I was happy to be able to check out a school supply box from The Write Stuff  and write about the contents.

The box that I received came pre-loaded with some supplies that every student would need. Paper, folders, markers, pencil box, scissors, and notebooks. The great thing is, this is not the extent of what they offer. This is fantastic for the cellist, because his supply list is looking more and more like a syllabus page than a one page plan for pencils and paper.

The schools who participate can create customized supply lists for students in each classroom, and you can choose to either ship to your home or school. There is also an option where the supplies can be ordered wholesale, and parent volunteers along with teachers and administration would be able to box up orders for each classroom for the cost of the registration fee, or maybe a school wide fundraiser. The possibilities are endless and it’s a win all around!

If your school is not already registered, don’t fret! You can shop a la carte on the website and be totally prepared for all of your back to school needs without ever leaving your house to battle large crowds of parents waiting until the last minute to go school supply shopping.Think about it. For moms and dads with more than one school aged child – whether homeschooled, or sent to a brick and mortar school – the thing that we ask for most is time. This way, you save time and gas by just clicking on a few items, and selecting to have your own supply kit that you’ve built, shipped directly to you all at once.

I don’t know about you, but this is my dream. To spend more time creating memories, than sitting in a grocery store wish that I could make them.

So, here’s the great thing. I can give one of these pre-packaged kits away to one of my readers! Score for the super organized parents – of which I stake NO claim, but I like to try.

Enter below and good luck – and ENJOY the rest of your summer!

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Laila @OnlyLaila

Monday 9th of July 2012

My best tip so far is to start the back to school routine a few weeks prior to school. My son has been staying up later than I would like and it makes mornings a challenge. I don't want to deal with it once school starts so I need to get him back in the habit early.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.