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February's # TweetFlix Movie is Armageddon! Join Houseful of Nicholes and The Peanuts Gang on 2/13 at 9 pm CST as we livetweet the movie!

TweetFlix is going to be so awesome y’all! Whenever Samantha of The Peanuts Gang and I get together, fun is sure to abound. We made a promise at the end of the year to check in once a month and plan out our months in order to hold each other accountable. Thus TweetFlix was born. We were looking for a way to still stay involved in social media, but have a ton of fun, and have anyone who wanted to participate involved with no pressure. So. Here we are. You’ll be our dates, because we’re ALL going to be in the house the day before Valentine’s Day in our jammies with popcorn and drink of choice (PEPSI here) watching a movie anyway. Why not live tweet it. Because, awesome. 

We decided to do a monthly live tweet of a movie on Netflix, because Netflix is awesome and everyone should have it. I’m not being paid to say this either. Mr. Houseful has had Netflix FOREVER and we come from the land of Blockbuster Total Access and had to stop because of obvious reasons. We were getting DVDs from Netflix for a while, and then we turned to straight streamers and we haven’t looked back. We may even have had to up the number of devices we allowed on the account because the Houseful of Littles know how to work Netflix too. That plus Chromecast at our house? FANTASTIC. It also allows me to homeschool well, because I can cast documentaries from Netflix onto the television and we can watch comfortably instead of being crowded around a computer. 

We chose Armageddon because we didn’t want to go FULL chick flick, but we did want something with a wonderful story line. I first saw Armageddon my freshmen year of college when my next door dorm mate Beth suggested that we watch it one night. I ended up crying because the story mirrored mine so much. You know, without my dad going to a crater and setting up bombs and whatnot. Oh, and well, you’ll just have to tune in on twitter. 

You can sign up for a Twitter account if you don’t have one, and follow # TweetFlix throughout the movie. We’re pressing play at 9pm CST. Our Twitter handles are @NatashaNicholes and @PeanutsGang2004 and we’re a hoot together. Promise. 

So, to sum it up. Saturday, February 13, 9 pm CST – you, me, Samantha, all of Twitter with the # TweetFlix going on. We’ll have a blast, and no one will even see if you cry when that thing happens to that thing. 

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