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Happy First Birthday Twizzlers!

This post is going to be slightly short because I am running on fumes.

Today, my 3rd and 4th children turn ONE!

From the moment that I found out that I was pregnant with not one but TWO little ones, I marveled at how God had such a fantastic sense of humor. Not only did I get pregnant again after a miscarriage, but he gave me double for my trouble.

While growing inside me, I could tell that the personalities were pretty solid. Lil Miss Twizzler was going to be the high-spirited one. And that she definitely is. Sir Twizzler, was always laid back – and he is still so to this day.

My youngest are now venturing into toddler-hood and I stand in awe at how their little brains work. How they are SO fascinated with the ladybug and the cellist and laugh heartily at them. How they wink at me first thing in the morning, and how they still like to snuggle in my neck.

Today, we will celebrate this past year with a small gathering – much smaller than I normally do for my children, but there is still tons of love and adoration that has gone into it.

Today, I even sewed them their first items of clothing. It’s a little rough around the edges, but I have nowhere to go but up.

Links to these tutorials will be provided later.

Happy Birthday to my little ones. And may this next year be full of joys as we continue to enjoy every single day.

Mommy and Daddy love you!

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Monday 19th of December 2011

Geeeeeeee! Happy Birthday Twizzlers!!

Alissa M

Monday 19th of December 2011

Happy 1st birthday Twizzlers! May God continue to bless you as the years go on.

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