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Hair Styling Q&A With Master Stylist Pamela D. Hogan #DreamKidsTMS #TryTMS

Hair Styling Q&A With Master Stylist Pamela D. Hogan #DreamKidsTMS #TryTMS

This post is sponsored by African Pride Dream Kids Detangler Miracle Texture Manageability System, but all opinions, results and anecdotes are my own. African Pride Dream Kids Detangler Miracle logo

Hi and welcome to another installment of the Dream Kids Detangler Miracle Texture Manageability System series (bet you can’t say that three times fast)  that I have going on this month on the blog! Today, we’re going to talk hair care and styling tips with Master Stylist Pamela D. Hogan from the Atlanta, GA area. When I called to speak with her about African Prides’ new line, she was a wealth of information, and her excitement was contagious! 

What Types Of Hairstyles Can Be Done? 

Amazingly, many people think that just because this system is a Texture Manageability System, that all styles have to be straight. It’s a system to help manage tight curls a bit better on young heads. Therefore, you will be able to do all the styles that you love, without as much pulling and stretching of the coiled hair. You can still do two strand twists, comb coils, cornrows, and even regular braids. The Dream Kids Texture manageability System, just makes styling a little easier. The treatment is designed to condition, detangle, and soften the hair for maximum styling ability. 

You can even stick to the tried and true ponytails and protective style with this system. It literally just helps to make styling a bit easier on mom and child. 

What Styling Tips Should I Follow?

No matter if your hair is chemically treated, or natural, ends should be clipped on a regular basis. For children, Hogan suggests every 8 weeks to keep the ends from splitting up the entire hair follicle, and damaging the head of hair. 

Do I Have To Use the Entire System? 

Depending on how much hair your child has on their head, you may have to use less or more conditioner. If the hair feels to heavy once it’s been blow dried, then, too much conditioner has been used and you need to recalculate the next time that you use. 

What Keeps the Hair Straight? 

The amino acids in the conditioner is what helps relax the curl in the hair of your children. It doesn’t chemically alter the hair, and won’t permanently straighten it. It’s only a conditioner that helps loosen the curl, which is why you also blowdry and flat-iron. The maintenance shampoo and conditioner also help to extend the loose curls, and the use of a clarifying shampoo and conditioner will snap the hair right back to its naturally curly texture. If you love having the option of straight(er) hair, Hogan recommends, using the kit every six weeks to keep the body and movement in your little ones hair. 

Essentially, you and your children should have fun when figuring out great hairstyles to try out. I know that with our Houseful of Littles, hair time can be a bit stressful since we are ALL natural. Every single last one of us. Nathaniel has locs, so he’s exempt, but from the ladybug down to Sir Twizzler, the hair chronicles can make or break me. I’ve even used the kit on Sir Twizzler to help loosen his afro curls, and I’ve loved the results. With him, I don’t blowdry or flat-iron (have to state that even though it may be obvious for some) because I don’t want his hair STRAIGHT, I just want his hair manageable enough to make me and him super happy. 

So, what are some styling questions that YOU may have? 

Don’t forget to enter to win your very own Dream Kids Detangler Miracle Texture Manageability System today! 



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