Full Of Words Wednesday: The Ladies

LilMissandLadybugThese two keep me cracking up.

I posted this photo on my wall a couple of days ago, and I was tickled because of the very bold stance of Lil Miss in this. These two in sunglasses, with the ladybug in a very great looking Maxi dress, and Lil Miss in her sundress with her thumb in her mouth.

Two friends. Not knowing all of the perils of this world and loving the fact that they get to wear their sandals with dresses, and sunglasses.

What’s funny is the fact that Sir Twizzler and the Ladybug call Lil Miss, Momma.

Seriously. Momma.

As in, when they play “house” SHE is the momma. SHE is the one calling the shots How’s that for ya? The shortest person in the house calling all of the shots. The best thing about it is she is still loving.

I think that I want to get this photo made into a canvas print. Because it oozes so much awesome.

It puts me in the mind of those really old photos back in the day of kids sitting around looking more adult than they should. When you wonder what they were thinking about at the time.

This photo just reminds me to sit back sometimes and enjoy the ride, instead of focusing on the next stop.

Make it a fantastic day!

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