Disney On Ice Celebrates 100 Years: A Reflection

Two days ago, our houseful got the chance to enjoy the 100th year celebration of Disney On Ice at the United Center here in Chicago, Illinois. What I really couldn’t wait to see was the look on the faces of the twizzlers as they had not been to a show before. I was not disappointed.

We were able to sit back and enjoy various scenes from some of Disney’s most iconic films. Beauty & The Beast, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Toy Story and a favorite of anyone who was a kid in the 90’s The Lion King! Seriously, you should have heard all of the adults scream in glee as we heard the opening notes of the famous opening song for the Lion King. The ladybug had to ask why everyone was so happy.

Another notable moment was the army men march from Toy Story. I’ll just say that Michael Jackson *may* have inspired some moves in it.

Another great moment was seeing many Genies come through and share the ice with Aladdin as well. I will say that Disney did a great job of bringing the greats to the ice as if we were watching them on the big screen. No moments were lost!

I will say that if you have a chance to get to a show that remains, DO IT! It’s a great time for both adults and children who are new to the Disney way of life! You’ll sing along with all of the songs that you’ve memorized and no one will mind.



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