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Cheap Wireless Plans for Loved Ones #Phones4School #shop

Cheap Wireless Plans for Loved Ones #Phones4School #shop


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With the fact that school is less than two months away, we’re still trying out new phones, and cellular plans this way. Except, not for Nathaniel. You see, he got his phone already, and now we’re gearing up to outfit his grandparents with a reliable, cheap wireless plan so that they can keep up with the grandchildren while they are in school. From previous experience, we know that we have Walmart Family Mobile for that. 

Since my in-laws are still very mobile individuals, it only makes sense that they have a mobile phone that can go with them. With grandchildren in school, and sometimes the responsibility of picking them up from school, it’s good to be connected. You see, my father in law and mother in law are always on the go. He’s a preacher, and she is a first lady, so being able to get to them is a must, plus who doesn’t love an inexpensive cellular plan? 

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With two grandchildren in the city, going to school, and essentially being latchkey kids – my son, and my niece, they need to be able to be phoned immediately. Please hold as I tell stories of NEVER being able to get a hold of my grandparents if they weren’t in the house. My Granny Blackburn and Granny – there is a distinct difference here, don’t try to correct me – were also of the frame of mind that staying in the house was for fuddy duddy folk. Can you IMAGINE wanting to talk to your grandparents, and not only did they NEVER stay in the house, but they NEVER checked their answering machine? It was hard out there folks for a child of the 80’s we just had to wait patiently and hope that the random people didn’t know that we were home alone. Then again, everyone knew everyone back then, so they probably did. 

I remember being of the frame of mind that I would never let Nathaniel have a cell phone, because DARN IT, his dad and I didn’t need one when we were in school! WE had payphones. Which would totally work if Chicago still had payphones on every corner like they did back in the day. They don’t. And the ones that remain look like they are caked with the bubonic plague.  I don’t want my son using one of those. I don’t want my niece using one either. 

The particular phone that we are talking about is the Alcatel One Touch Evolve and it is now available on rollback at Walmart for $29.88 instead of the normal $79.88. We’re also snagging the reduced price for the unlimited talk, text, and web for $34.88 down from the usual $39.88 because we’re activating before October 31st. This price will stay for the life of the service plan of the primary line, and will result in savings of sixty bucks per month. You can now even tweet at Walmart Family Mobile using their all new handle @FamilyMobile for any questions you may have. Or, you can just tell them how awesome you think the service is! Driven by the mobile network of TMobile, you know that your plan is going to be super affordable and very reliable. 

I know that one person who is SUPER excited about being able to snag her own phone is our very own ladybug. Before handing it over to her grandparents, I let her take it for a spin, and I am just going to say that I don’t think that this child will EVER have a problem expressing herself over the phone. No texting only for her! 



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Saturday 15th of August 2015

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Saturday 15th of August 2015

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Saturday 15th of August 2015

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Notorious Spinks

Wednesday 13th of August 2014

I love my phone. Those plans are to die for.


Friday 8th of August 2014

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