Brookfield Zoo Celebrates #SummerNights #BZBloggers


There’s something that my Houseful of Littles love about the zoo, and it’s pretty darned contagious. Very few things excite them as much as Brookfield Zoo, so much so, that when we are on 1st Avenue, they IMMEDIATELY think that we’ll be going to visit their favorite furry friends. 

On Friday, Broozfield Zoo, hosted bloggers from the Chicago area with a day filled with fun, animal ambassadors, and music – highlighting their Summer Nights that has been going on for the last four weeks. Tonight, and next Friday and Saturday are the last three days that families can stay after the zoo’s closing and hear great music and see walking attractions. 

I kind of waited to see what type of day it was going to be weather wise to really  make up my mind about going, and I’m so happy that the breeze elves and cloud fluffers decided to shine on me. It was a great breezy, cool day, and instead of cutting my visit to the two hours that I told the kids we would stay, we ended up shutting the place down. That was seven hours people, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. We did have a point in time where we thought the Twizzlers were going to water the grass because we couldn’t find a bathroom without a line, but we made it. 

This time we were able to take a tram ride around the entire zoo, and really see those animals that the little legs can’t make it to each time. Each child did have their choice of which animals they wanted to see, and as usual, the ladybug had to see the bears, and they were OUT for once, so she was ecstatic. We also got to see the giraffes up close and personal, and the wolves made an appearance too. I think everyone was pleased with the super mild weather we were having. 

2014-07-18 15.10.35

2014-07-18 15.32.31

2014-07-18 15.36.23

The headlining act last night was Your Villain My Hero, and they were PHENOMENAL. They sang top 40 songs, and interacted with all of the children on the dance floor in a spectacular way. It was almost like seeing a live version of KidzBop (sorry YVMH – it’s the only way that I can think to describe to parents.) There were plenty of songs for us parents and non-parents to rock out too as well. With covers or It’s Tricky, Jump Around and Hey Ya, I was very pleased. The kids danced so much that ONE of them fell asleep on the dance floor. I’ll leave you with images from the HUGE dance party that was happening – and the fact that I think that my children just experienced a miniature version of Lollapalooza. Be well, and if you’re in my neck of the woods anytime soon, I’m SURE Brookfield Zoo will have something for every single member of your family. You can check out tweets and instagram photos using #SummerNights and #BZBloggers and see some of the fun we had! 

2014-07-18 18.49.23

2014-07-18 18.15.04

2014-07-18 18.14.59

2014-07-18 18.14.55

2014-07-18 18.15.11

2014-07-18 18.15.18-1

2014-07-18 18.24.11

2014-07-18 17.58.36


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