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Learning to Sew a Pillowcase

Thread Filled Thursdays: Learning to Sew a Pillowcase

For about a year, the ladybug, my oldest daughter, has been asking me to teach her how to sew. She’s been persistent (I wonder where she gets that from) about learning before she turns ten years old. DRAMA CITY.…

The Jenny Dress by Scientific Seamstress

Jenny Dress by Scientific Seamstress

Hi and welcome to Thread Filled Thursdays where every Thursday I share something that I’ve sewn or knit, or crocheted (although I’ve only crocheted one thing in life.) on the blog and then invite you to share your items.…

Retreat Bag by Emmaline Bag

Retreat Bag ~ Thread Filled Thursdays

The second week of another round of Thread Filled Thursdays. YES! Today, I’m talking about the Retreat Bag by Emmaline Bags. I’ve been a fan of her bags for a while, and I’ve even sewn up a Necessary Clutch…

Daytripper by Shwin & Shwin

Thread Filled Thursdays | The Sewing Rabbit

Hi there all! Starting Thread Filled Thursdays here again on the blog where I will try to feature something sewing or knitting related from my life. Last week, I featured the Makers Tote that I made by Noodlehead, but…

Maker's Tote by Noodlehead

Maker’s Tote by Noodlehead | The Houseful Sews

The Maker’s Tote. Revel in its glory and the first big bag that I completed before the end of 2015. You’re going to appreciate this. I promise. I do.  There is something about sewing that is completely cathartic and…