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Jenny Dress by Scientific Seamstress

Jenny Dress by Scientific Seamstress

The Jenny Dress by Scientific Seamstress

Hi and welcome to Thread Filled Thursdays where every Thursday I share something that I’ve sewn or knit, or crocheted (although I’ve only crocheted one thing in life.) on the blog and then invite you to share your items. Today, it’s a dress that I started a while back but I’ve never blogged about, the Jenny Dress by Scientific Seamstress. You may have seen it here first when I was sewing it for the graduation of Nathaniel. Yes, two years ago. 

The look is vastly changed when I wear heels instead of flats, and I think that I definitely like the look of it more with heels. So does Mr. Houseful. 


One thing that I love about the Scientific Seamstress patters are the really easy to follow instructions, and how she REALLY makes sure that the sizes are perfect for the person sewing. I didn’t have to guess my size, or scale down in between because she had just that many options. This dress could have had a longer skirt portion too, but the fact that I’m 5’2″ keeps me from doing so, because it makes my frame look even shorter when I decide to do something like that. 

I’ve often sewn for myself, but the last year or so, with moving into the new house and figuring out my bearing, I didn’t do ANY last year. None. Zip. Nada, and that makes me sad. Doesn’t it make you sad when you don’t get a chance to do the things that you love? 

The fabric used was a heavier printed linen from JoAnn Fabric that I wish that I purchased more of. Hindsight sure is 20/20. One of these days I’ll listen to my inner voice and buy five yards instead of just what I need. I could definitely see a maxi skirt from this fabric. I would totally use the fabric again if I could find it, and I think that I may look for it. There’s something about being able to go into the store for fabric and just walk. 

You can find the Jenny pattern on Etsy under Scientific Seamstress and fall down THAT rabbit hole. So many great patterns, so little time. If you’ve sewn it up, let me know in the comments. Until then, see you next week for Thread Filled Thursdays! 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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