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Hi there all! Starting Thread Filled Thursdays here again on the blog where I will try to feature something sewing or knitting related from my life. Last week, I featured the Makers Tote that I made by Noodlehead, but THIS week, I want to tell you all some great news. I was featured on the Sewing Rabbits blog. She’s formerly the writer behind Me Sew Crazy, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Why am I writing about it? Because she decided to feature women of color in the sewing space, and that meant that she had to do a bit of work. She started her blog off talking about how a couple of complaints came through about there not being enough diversity in features, and she wanted to change something about it. I applaud it, and I hope to see more of this in the blogging space. There are SO many of us who sew, or DIY, or cook, or homeschool, or travel, and it’s nice to see other people realizing that, and talking about it. 

When I started my sewing journey, I was sucky at it. Someone who I was on a mutual message board (remember those) with told me that I wouldn’t be any good because sewing isn’t something that you just up and “do.” My stubborness wanted to prove her wrong, and I did, and then it became more about getting better. It is still my desire to learn how to properly draft and create patterns so that I can share them here on the blog, but most of all, so I can stop this itch of creating from scratch. Oh, who am I kidding? The itch will always be here. Surrounded by dressmaking shears, rulers, thread and a heart full of creativity. 

This year, I think we’ll also be introducing the kids to the art of sewing. So at least they can hem skirts, pants, sleeves and sew a button on. This year should provide lots of patience producing activities for me. 

Until then, head on over to the Sewing Rabbit, and leave a comment (I’ve tried twice, but don’t see mine showing  up) and let her know how much you love the post and that you want to see more! It makes a difference! Stay tuned and come back for next week’s Thread Filled Thursdays! Keep me accountable! 

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