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Garden Seedlings

Backyard Farming

 I am an Illinois Farm Families blogger and receive compensation in exchange for my posts. All opinions and discussion starters are my own As announced yesterday, it looks like Spring may actually stay around Chicago for a while. Meanwhile,…

Glazed Carrots

Valentine’s Day Dinner: Glazed Carrots

I have a confession to make. I like to pretend that I a chef on the Food Network. I like to pretend that I create these super simple recipes that any regular Joe Schmoe could make, and I have…

Valentine's Day Dinner Cheese Platter

Valentine’s Day Dinner: Cheese & Cracker Appetizer

If you tuned in to the Brand Housewives chat last Friday, you’d know that this week, I’m featuring a special family Valentine’s Day Dinner with each course (and one drink) for each day. Today, is the beginning of the…