Mr. Houseful’s Homemade Chili

Apparently, this is the week of homemade fare around these parts. Thanks to Johnsonville for cultivating this post on chili! Homemade marshmallows, homemade bread, and now homemade chili. Had I had the foresight to think about this week properly, I would have made crusty french bread to go with the chili, but then, that would make my life perfect, and we all know that’s not the case. With school in full swing, and everyone, everywhere, sometimes you just need a meal that brings everyone around the dinner table. 

Sometimes, for us, that meal is chili, and this time we decided to put a meatier spin on it with Johnsonville Sausages. We, and by we I fully mean, Mr. Houseful, cooked up a meal fit for kings, and the fact that the cellist was fighting to take some to school the next day for lunch is a testament to its tastiness. 

I happened to participate in the making of this meal a little bit by picking out the two sausages to be used. I figured a kielbasa and andouille together might a decent recipe make. Indeed it did because the husbandmeister made magic. With a trilogy of beef, pork, and chicken in this chili, we couldn’t lose, and we didn’t. 


Usually, when Mr. Houseful cooks, it’s like a production of sorts. Flitting to and fro in the kitchen, using the mandolin and throwing various spices into a pot. It’s definitely a marvel to see. It kind of makes me want to have him spend more time in there! The kids love it too. While they aren’t too fond of kidney beans, they made sure to eat every other ingredient in this chili, including the liquid gold that comes from simmering low and slow in a pot preparing to be consumed. Of course you don’t have to take OUR word on it. Also, this is a base recipe. Sometimes, different palates appreciate different things. I load mine up with sour cream and cheese, and a little bit more garlic. Yes. I. Do. Experiment with YOUR chili and then let us know how it goes! Until then, stay warm! 


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