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Just coming off of a wedding anniversary puts me in a mood to reflect and be all sugary about my honey Shomari D. (that’s Mr. Houseful for the newbies.) We’re just coming off celebrating our 7th year of marital bliss and I’m in the mood to share a very special anniversary gift that I received for review from Uncommon Goods.

I’m not big into art, but this sculpture, called Kissing Lovers from Uncommon Goods adds just the right amount of flair to our living room. While I initially wanted to put it in our bedroom, because HELLO, kissing, and LOVERS, I found that it was better suited in our living room, and will stay there once we move into our new house (more on that later.) The sculpture is heavier than I anticipated and makes its mark on a bookshelf quite well as the focal point. 

Uncommon Goods posts surprisingly uncommon information and facts related to certain product categories or featured items on the site. For example, did you know that early candles were often eaten rather than burned? Or that Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors? And with a random fact lover such as myself, that’s right up my alley. Uncommon Goods also produces most of their goods in the United States, and in my old age, I’m learning to love more of what is made here. Hello thirties. While holding fast to producing unique and sometimes quite quirky products, Uncommon Goods makes sure to provide them in the most environmentally friendly way possible as well. I found myself drooling over lots of kitchen items like these stainless steel nesting bowls and this super quirky, but super Natasha Ampersand Cheese & Cracker Tray that would be amazing for entertaining guests that happen to come over. Or, during normal times, just to provide an easier way for the Houseful of Littles to become even more hilarious by eating cheese, crackers and fruit off of a serving tray. They’d do it. I promise you. 

Anyway back to the sculpture. I’m still not sure what to pair it with, and I started with teal candle holders in the back like this: 

Uncommon Goods Kissing Lovers Sculpture

And I love it, but I still feel like it needs something else. This home decor part of me is kind of chomping at the bit to be fabulous all at once, but the way my pockets are set up, it’s not having it. I’m figuring maybe I can bring fresh flowers in each month, and set them up behind the Lovers. I think that will be a nice pop of whatever seasonal color there will be throughout the year. 

Uncommon Goods Kissing Lovers Sculpture


Honestly, I LOVE the sculpture. Love it. I’m just not that good at decor, and it will be a work in progress. As a matter of fact, we’ll probably be playing a lot of Where In The Houseful Of Nicholes are the Kissing Lovers, when we start showing more comprehensive photos of rooms and what not! Sidebar: I CAN’T WAIT! My pinterest boards are all ready! These supremely in love duo may find themselves on an end table as well. Who knows? 

So, hit me with your best bit of advice with decorating using sculpture, and please keep in mind that I have Sir Twizzler around these parts. He’s prone to using anything as the sword of He-Man. He’s been eyeing those candle holders for as long as they’ve been out of the bag. 

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  • Reply
    Andrea @
    October 27, 2014 at 10:14 am

    I love this sculpture! It’s so fun figuring out your own style, but the best advice I was ever given is that real style is accumulated, not purchased all at once. You’ll probably find another piece here or there, and eventually end up with shelves like mine. I love pairing new things with some of my favorite old things. You can see some photos of some of my shelves here: (Though I have moved things around since then.) No matter where that statue ends up, I’m sure it will look amazing in your new home.

    • Reply
      October 27, 2014 at 5:54 pm

      Oh, we absolutely would build on our style in the house. Our house, sanity, and our pockets couldn’t take it if we tried to do it all at once. I’m excited about being able to look for that special “thing” to put into the house whenever we’re out. I’m hoping that it happens out of the blue for sure!

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