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Grand Traverse Resort & Spa

Grand Traverse Resort & Spa

African American Married Couple - Houseful Of Nicholes

I tried to think of a better title for this post, but it’s seriously going to be about our visit to Grand Traverse Resort & Spa for our 7th year wedding anniversary last weekend. We were able to sleep (uninterrupted,) eat (while our food was still hot,) and enjoy the company of each other for a full 60 hours before re-entering the life of parents of four. Grand Traverse Resort & Spa provided all of that and more, and we’re still riding high off of a weekend of pampering galore. 

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We arrived early Saturday morning – or so we thought, because it was pitch black outside. Turns out, that far north, the sun isn’t seen until 8 in the morning from what we were privy to. It also allowed us to get several hours of shut eye as we have been busy preparing for our big move to the new house, and apparently, it was sleep we needed. We were housed in the Tower of the resort, so we didn’t have a long walk to our elevators to get to our room. We slept like we did before children came in the picture.We may have even geeked out at the fact that there were two double beds in the room. For a couple of hours we enjoyed the lavishness offered by having NO ONE in the bed with us, but both of us in the same room. EPIC – and I don’t care how overused the word is because it’s well earned here. 

2014-10-18 16.50.08

Our late afternoon wakeup was rewarded with a view of the most glorious reds, yellows, oranges, and deep purples in trees that I have seen this season. I’ve been yearning for that here in Chicago, but let’s face it, I’d have to drive nearly the same distance that I did to get to Acme, Michigan to have the view. Well, not technically, but humor my melodramatic ways here. 

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

There’s a magnitude of things to do within the resort, within the city, and even in downtown Traverse City, Michigan. We decided to stay in the resort for a couple of hours before venturing out into town. I need to stop and mention right now that it was FREEZING, and that I was surprised that Chicago was warmer than Michigan for the weekend. I’m a cold weather lover, but the wind was a bit biting, and I’m afraid that we let that limit quite a bit of what we intended on doing this particular weekend. I was giddy that they had a Dylan’s Candy Bar right in the resort. The first thing that I blurted out was how awesome the kids would think it was. We did end up visiting the ice cream parlor later our first day to have some of Moomers Famous Ice Cream. Of course we have no pictures of that, because, HELLO we were eating the creamy goodness that is Moomers. Also a note. There were only 12 flavors of ice cream to choose from, and it was extremely difficult. There is a Cherry flavor that is unique only to the Dylan’s Candy Bar within Grand Traverse that has cheesecake and cherries in it. We had a cherry infused stay. I’ll tell you that much. Who woulda thunk that Traverse City was the cherry capital of the United States? 

Dylan's Candy Bar Grand Traverse Resort & Spa

We then headed to town where we ate at the highly recommended Blue Tractor which is located in Old Towne Traverse City. We both had different burgers – Shomari had the Black & Blue Burger while I had The Cuban, and we both added the BBQ Pulled Pork with Smoke Gouda Mac & Cheese to our fare. The meal was extremely delicious and filling and the pairing of the sweet and smokey flavors with the mac & cheese was divine! Professional food blogger I am not, so I didn’t bring the huge DSLR to capture the food in all it’s glory. Forgive me. You’ll just have to use your imaginations. 

Blue Tractor Traverse City Michigan

Sunday morning brought a nice schedule for us to follow.We ate breakfast at the Sweetwater Bistro where I wanted to purchase the salt and pepper shakers to take back with me – I know, I’m an odd duck and then headed back to the room so that we could catch the first part of the Bears/Dolphins game before our massage – which Mr. Houseful would need immensely after the loss to a team that shouldn’t have been. 

We had a couples massage, pedicure and a wonderful anniversary dinner at Aerie. Let’s get to the nitty gritty of it all shall we? But a bit of back story. I’ve had two massages up until this point, while Mr. Houseful has had none. I’ve had TONS of pedicures and a handful of manicures, while Mr. Houseful had none. When I arranged our evening, I was crossing my fingers that he enjoyed himself as he is a man of minimal fluff. I didn’t want him to feel like the spa experience was too girly, and the spa staff did an exceptional job of doing just that. There was a large locker room for each of us to change into our robes, and lock or personals up in. The locker room was complete with showers, and toiletries available for those of us who may have forgotten things upstairs in our room or at home. The spa side of the locker room was separate from the shower area for those individuals using the pool and hot tub too. 

When we arrived for our couples massage, we were led into a room with dim lights and two massage tables by Kate and Alicia. Once we laid down on top of the HEATED beds, it was pure bliss for the next 50 minutes. There may have even been a bit of snoring. I thought that we would be in the same room and talk a bunch, but there was complete silence and relaxation and being.  I knew it was going to be an awesome night when Pachabel Canon in D started to play softly. That was the song played at our wedding, and it brought everything about this weekend back to the middle. Starting with a eucalyptus breathing treatment and ending with a loose and relaxed muscles ebbed out with cherry infused oil, we couldn’t imagine how the day could get any better. However, it did just that with the addition of our pedicures and my express manicure. Our manicurists, Jenna and Aubrey provided great conversation, and a bit of history about Traverse City as the Cherry Capital of the world. As we discussed this, we received Cherry Infused Pedicures with paraffin wax treatments and leg massages, and our feet looked spectacular. Mr. Houseful even got his toe nails buffed to a shine. His feet have never looked better. Truth. 

We made it out of the spa with enough time to head upstairs, and change into clothes for dinner at Aerie. We were too late for the sunset, but we did snag a seat right off of the lake, and watched as the little light that was left reflected off of the water. We enjoyed a three course meal that started with appetizers for us both – the Mr. had a Kobe Meat Ball while I had Scallops. I also added a Roasted Beet Salad to my lineup, which Mr. Houseful adamantly protested – but they were SO GOOD! We then enjoyed our entrees of Filet Mignon and Salmon, for the husband, and Rack of Lamb with Shrimp for me. The fact that I only have this picture is a testament to how good the food was, and how insanely hungry we were after visiting the spa. It’s a perfect combo. The meat was cooked to perfection, and I have no qualms about admitting that I ate each and every single bite of every piece of food that was served to me. Compliments to the chef. 

2014-10-19 20.06.51

We were sad to have only one more night to spend in the resort, but the fact that we enjoyed our time away for our anniversary as much as we did says a lot about the establishment. Even with the fact that we stayed inside for the most part, yet found excitement in walking around and viewing the boutiques within the resort (including one with loads of Melissa & Doug items that I forced myself NOT to buy) it was the perfect way for this Mr & Mrs to round out 7 years of marriage. With fresh mani/pedis and a body with muscles loose enough to take on the world, we left Acme, Michigan with a new point of view, and a strength to finish out the rest of this year knowing we have another place close to home to escape to. 

2014-10-19 21.08.35

2014-10-18 16.38.57

Mr. Houseful and I were invited to Grand Traverse Resort & Spa for review purposes. All thoughts, opinions and gushing are all mine. 

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Janeane M. Davis

Friday 7th of April 2017

Happy Anniversary. That looks like such a beautiful place to visit. I am glad you got to enjoy being Mr. and Mrs. without being mom and dad for a while.


Friday 6th of March 2015

Loved this post! I stayed at the Grand Traverse last month and LOVED it. Glad you had a nice stay!

Mattie Johnson

Monday 27th of October 2014

Happy 7-th Anniversary!!!!

That place is colder than Chicago?! Wow :)

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