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Side Mirror

When You’re Feeling Lost

*I started this blog post early this summer. It’s hard when something presents itself to you that’s so heavy that your stomach feels as if it’s bottomed out and given way to a big ball of nerves. I’m better…

Natasha Nicholes

Always Forward

If you haven’t watched the Netflix series Luke Cage, you’re missing out. It may be the blackest thing that I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m not talking about it being dark. I’m talking about it being a…

Houseful of Nicholes outside Anodyne Coffee

Anniversaries, Alone Time, and Mostly

This weekend, the Mr. and I had a chance to get away without the kids.  But you always get away without the kids, Natasha.  Ummm, that may be, but I’m usually working, without the Mr. and surrounded by folks…

America needs to do better. ~Houseful of Nicholes

What a Week, and it’s Only Wednesday

Two more black men have been shot in America. No weapons on them. Nothing. I’m mad.  I should be celebrating sitting on stage with one of the best crooners of my generation (he’s only 13 years older than me,…

Patio Eggplant

On Gardening and Hope

Guys, last week sucked. Royally. Three more men have died at the hands of police officers, and 11 officers were shot at the hand of someone seeking to cause even more strife against two groups of people already in…

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