I Want to be Like Esther

Remember last month, the beautiful ankara skirt that I posted? You don’t?! Well, you can check it out HERE and then come back so you can see it styled another way! 

Ankara skirt and t-shirt

This time around, I paired it with a t-shirt that I purchased at the 109th COGIC Holy Convocation from a friend in my jurisdiction. She started SG-Couture with her best friend, and wanted to provide options for Sanctified Girls (SG) all over the nation. I picked up the Esther Taught Me shirt because I LOVE the story of Esther. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. My love of it grew from my sister actually asking a pastor that we know to always preach the story whenever he had the chance. It used to annoy me that she asked about it so much, but of course, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you tend to hold on to memories no matter what. If you have a chance to read the story, do it. It talks about doing what the Lord tells you to do, HOW he tells you to do it. That’s the key. Doing it the EXACT WAY He tells you. Even when you think you know better. Back to the t-shirt, the quality is SO soft, and I’m a sucker for soft t-shirts. Softness matters. 

My necklace was a gift from a friend Julynn from Park Lane Jewelry. I love it, and and I love that it matches perfectly with my skirt. 

Mr. Houseful was my photographer, and usually, I would see a photo like this and immediately ask him to retake the photo. Then I realized, a fashion blogger I am not, and this is usually the look that I have when I’m trusting someone else to photograph my essence. 

I have one more shirt that I want to try with this skirt, and then I’ll know if I can rotate the way that I want to. Until then, good folks.


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