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109th Holy Convocation – A Parade of Hats

109th Holy Convocation – A Parade of Hats

Remember the post that I wrote earlier about the weight of crowns for women in the black community? 

Well, this week the grand old Church of God In Christ had their 109th Holy Convocation, and Sunday best was present and accounted for. Don’t think that we didn’t get our praise on either. There is nothing better than giving your best to God – and yes if you didn’t have shiny shoes, the best dresses or large hats, you were more than welcome to pick ’em up and put ’em down with the rest of the folks. 

Church should never be about the clothes that you wear, and I know that it’s hard for some folk to wrap their heads around that. It’s not hard for me though. While I don’t wear hats every Sunday in my local church, I will find a reason to wear as many hats as I can whenever November in St. Louis runs around. 

109th Holy Convocation

Mr. Houseful stated that I looked like a grown woman in this outfit. Essentially, every week, he tells me that I still look like a teenager, and that he keeps getting old. 

I don’t feel as awkward wearing my hats as I used to, but I still don’t know if I’m all about the bling as much as I am about the brim. I LOVE wide brimmed hats. Especially if they come down over one eye. They are SO sassy! 

I’m guessing that this should have been an outfit of the day post, but to be honest, I have NO idea who the labels are, and I really don’t care. It just fit well, and I was able to match some things. 

I do know that given the fact that I don’t dress up as much as I used to for church, I’m also not used to wearing my heels like I used to, and my toes hurt not even halfway through service, but there was no shame in my game because I brought along my handmade slippers to change into during service. You can check them out HERE. I think I’ll probably end up making the women in my family a pair each for the holidays. 

Until next time peeps, and remember to wear your hats. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.