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ReStore Remake: Work Desk

ReStore Remake:  Work Desk

Listen here, I stripped and finished this desk LAST YEAR, do you hear me? And you’re only hearing about it now because for some reason I am resolved to sharing everything that I was supposed to share ever, just during the month of November. Thank goodness for National Blog Post Month. It’s helping me see that I have the wherewithal and stubborn nature to indeed do things. Just never in the time that I should. 

Anyway, do you have a ReStore out your way? What is a ReStore you ask? 


Habitat for Humanity ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials and more to the public at a fraction of the retail price.

ReStores are independently owned and operated by local Habitat for Humanity organizations. Proceeds are used to help build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter in local communities and around the world.


If you interested in finding a ReStore local to you, you can click HERE

Anyhow, after a farm visit in Woodstock, Il, I decided to stop at the McHenry County Restore, and wander around for a bit. In that ReStore, there was an older desk that was brown, and it was only $25 bucks. Not a bad price for me, and I could see myself refinishing it of course. 


I’m not HGTV persona, but I have will, and a good side of stubborn to try and figure out what the heck I should be doing. My cart from Home Depot looked like this: 


Don’t mind the large paint roller that was for another project. 


Insert inappropriate jokes here, my friends on Facebook did. 

It took a LOT of elbow grease to strip the paint off of this desk. I’m not even kidding, and I’m not sure I would want to do it again. Maybe. 


This is how it looked after stripping and sanding. 


I decided to stain it gray, and not a thick coating of it either. It almost looks distressed in a way. 


Because I like surprises, I’m going to show you the finished project next week! 

Have you refinished a piece of furniture at all? Share with me! Stripping a work desk


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Thursday 4th of May 2017

Natasha, do you have the pictures of the finished work? I can say, that restoring is not so difficult and in some cases can be done by yourself. As for me, I have resurfaced my old table some years ago and had good results.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.