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Unicoi Art Studio – Getting Ready Halloween Style

Lately, the cellist has really been tapping into his artistic side – well, other than dancing and playing the cello. This artistic side is manifesting itself in the way of school notebooks being filled with hand drawn samples of cartoon characters, binders full of doodles and scraps of paper with pencil re-creations of landscape. That’s why he was so happy to know that we were going to go to Unicoi Art Studio on our city’s North side for an open art session for him.

For two hours he got to sit and create from a sample on hand at the studio. He happened to choose Simba. We found this to be Simba because some of us were young enough to remember the release of the movie, and we just happen to know that Nala has more feminine characteristics than the sample that the cellist had. Ahem. Anyway, I’ll give a full recap on the Art Studio next week, but I wanted to let you all know that they are having a Halloween party this entire weekend!



 2059 W. BELMONT CHICAGO IL. 60618

       PH 773-975-6515

OCTOBER 20th and 21st

Open House hours 3:00 to 7:00pm

$15 admission per child at the door

*Parents and guardians required to stay, no cost for adult

Haunted Garden Show (6 mins long every 45 mins- 1hr)

Arts and Crafts


Other fun activities

Oh no, Mrs. Magillicutty has lost her worms!  How will her pumpkins grow for her famous pumpkin pie?  Help Mrs Magillicutty find them and enjoy arts and crafts and sweets at our annual haloween Bash.

If you all have a block of time open this evening ( I know this is last minute, please blame the children – yes, I just threw my children under the bus) but take a trek out and have a bit of spooktacular fun while plugging in to your artistic sides!

Tell them the Houseful sent you as well!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.