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There’s nothing worse than being  out and about trying to get things done for your job when you are a work at home individual, or teleworking. Sometimes, you need a WiFi signal and the tech deities just don’t vibe with you. Lord knows that I hate having to make my phone a hot spot because of how much I am online. It’s a LOT. Which is why I’m happy that I purchased the Trio AXS T-Mobile 4G tablet from Walmart to help me out on those days I’m out and about and not really wanting to head into my nearest Target, Starbucks or Mariano’s to borrow their WiFi signals. 

Being in the car for over 25% of the time with my kids, there are times where I wish that I could get some work done. When we’re parked outside waiting for someone (cough,cough) to come out of the house, or out of their place of employment, it’s nice to be able to check out things on a screen bigger than my phone – and believe me, I have a pretty large phone, but it’s still not conducive for typing or doing large projects. I also want to be able to update my blog at times, and can’t because…hello, lazy, phone. Doesn’t compute. I also like to chat on Facebook Messenger from time to time. I’m a rebel and have had the app for a little over a year now. 

Anyhow, I picked up this tablet, which is a bit bigger than seven inches, and a little thicker than a quarter-inch, and fits well in my purse. I love how I was able to get some work done for a class that I will be teaching to women in the church who also happen to be business owners. Talk about owning Proverbs 31! At a price point of $179, it was a great addition to my already heavily teched life. I don’t have to drag my laptop everywhere with me, because I receive 200MB of data for the life of the device. On the T-Mobile 4G network. BOOM! If I find that this is not enough data for me, I can find other flexible plans through my T-Mobile store (and add it to my current T-Mobile plan) or go straight to Walmart to purchase more data.  It’s also WiFi capable, so if I do use up what I have, I can connect wirelessly without a problem. It also has bluetooth capability so I CAN CONNECT TO A KEYBOARD! Seriously people, you have no idea how happy this makes me. I may exude a sense of online awesomeness, but there is something about having a keyboard connected to a device that makes me want to cry tears of thanks. It can happen. Thumb typing at record speeds is not my thing, and I doubt it ever will be. I leave that to the teen. 


Lately, I’ve just been really needing a larger screen to get back to emails on, and this is where I need the tablet the most. Replying to emails. I get emails from Nathaniel’s school. Emails from Habitat for Humanity. Emails from people who love me enough through the blog, and want to talk to me. Emails from long-lost relatives telling me that I’ve inherited 2.5 million dollars and all I need to do is send them my social security number and mailing address. You know. Tons of important emails hit my inbox daily, and I need a more efficient way of replying and deleting, while on the go. Besides, working on a laptop in the front seat, or on a park bench while I’m making sure little Timmy doesn’t push my children over, or worse yet, get pushed over by my children is not safe. With the tablet I can grab and run, instead of leaving a laptop to be broken, or stolen, or just open for everyone to see the slightly scary obsession I have with Bruno Mars and Benedict Cumberbatch. Now you know everything.

During the back to school season, this is especially important, because sitting in the parking line (I have to sit in one of those now) waiting to pick Nathaniel up from classes will not afford me WiFi. Most schools don’t give you their passwords, OR if you are privy to them, they block most email providers, because of security. Knowing full well, that school pickup lines can often have me outside the school in excess of 30 minutes before school ends, I can get some quick work done, and not have to worry about using my cell phone as a hot spot. The ability to be productive during that small window of time will afford me time to spend WITH my son after we get into the house asking him the important things about his school day, and maybe straining to hear a muffled answer. You know because teenagers are SO talkative.  

Being able to handle tasks efficiently during the school year is a must. Summertime gives me the flexibility to not really have to worry about a tight schedule, but the MOMENT that school starts, schedules are a must, and you have to squeeze 36 hours worth of work into 16. There are no more long summer nights, sitting on a porch laughing long after the moon has risen, and bedtime approaches. For at least nine to ten months, you are prone to working around a specific time frame, and making sure that the household works around that too. Being able to check schedules on this tablet is a must. My calendar will be available at the flip of screen, and, we’ll be able to check things while the car is moving, of course with Nathaniel manning the tablet. Homeschooling in the car will be easier as well. Since the tablet has a seven inch screen, the littles won’t have to strain to see things on my phone, AND I dont have to worry about them getting into apps – ahem Bejeweled Blitz – and using up my lives or coins. Do NOT judge me! Pre-loading educational apps, or shortcuts on the tablet will let me teach in front of any area without my laptop, and keep me free of cords, and not tied to the house or shopping centers with free WiFi at all times. We can homeschool in the park, in a restaurant or right in that school pick up line. The possibilities are limitless, and I think that’s fantastic. 

I also figure I’ll use it for the littles. You know, because, what’s mine is theirs. I’m sure we’ll get plenty of use of it on our frequent road trips, since it can be plugged into the charger port, and doesn’t need an outlet like my laptop. I’ll end up finding photos on it, I’m sure since it does come with a camera. Not top of the line, but it is clear enough to make me happy, and any child that will be taking selfies in the back seat of a car on a 17 hour trip. 

The single most important reason that I got the tablet – you ready for it? 


Nathaniel has one, and he can’t show me up. There you have it folks. Competition is real in the Houseful, and I own it! 


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  • Reply
    Notorious Spinks
    August 15, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    This is awersome. I needed this on my trip to Knoxville last weekend. I’m always going somewhere and this would be heaven sent…because these old eyes are getting tired out from looking at this small phone. I’m getting ready to take some trips and this would really help me be able to work and travel with smoothness. I can’t wait to see how you’ll use it.

  • Reply
    August 24, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    Did you watch Benedict Cumberbatch’s ice bucket challenge video? Pretty darn awesome. But this tablet? Awesome too! #client

    • Reply
      August 25, 2014 at 12:21 am

      Of course I did Danielle! Over and over and over again. He’s one person that I wouldn’t mind watching in the pick up line at the school. LOL!

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