Spring Is In the Air – And Its Edging Out Dog Odor #SmellsClean

This post is sponsored by Acorn Influence. All thoughts, opinions and oversharing of the smelly habits of Dennis the Dog are all my own. 

When we moved into our new home, we didn’t expect to be a house with seven living beings. Six, yes. Not seven. Yet, here we are, a family of six human beings with their four-legged companion. Dennis is his name to be exact, and he’s a 9 month old German Shepherd/St. Bernard mix. He’s huge. He’s hairy. He’s smelly. He has a golden brown coat that Fabio would kill for, but that brings problems. We found a solution in between grooming services. Our plug-in air care system, and candles. Oh the joy that I have for being able to burn a candle again! 


I’m not used to having a house that smells like a dog. When I was in high school, we had a rottweiler (Rocky – because, of course) who was pretty docile. He was a rescue dog who was an adult by the time we got him, and while he enjoyed long walks, he didn’t tumble down the stairs and out into our yard to roll around in the nearest patch of grass. He also didn’t dig huge holes in the yard and get dirt embedded in his fur coat. He also didn’t have much of a fur coat. Rocky was like an elderly person while Dennis is a true blue baby. He always seems to be looking for something to get into, and roll around in, and explore. It’s GREAT for the most part, but the assault on my nostrils day to day needed something to help it out. He makes EVERY place his, even our bathtub. So, we’re no longer putting our air care plugs into every room to keep the smell of US at bay, but the smell of our four-legged companion.


So, first thing was first. We washed Dennis. ONE HUNDRED TIMES BETTER. Then we installed several of the plug in fresheners that I’ve been using throughout the house. Of course we switched out our winter scents for spring ones. Peach daiquiri has to be my favorite, not because of the name, but because of the fact that I can pretend to be in the south somewhere, taking in the juicy smells of ripe, succulent peaches, just waiting for me to pick and make a peach butter, or peach cobbler from. Dennis could even be in the room with me. The great thing is, this time of year, the world is your oyster – or peach. You can walk into the air care aisle in your local Walmart and pick from a veritable produce section of scents, and be whisked away to a tropical beach, or maybe somewhere that has a bountiful amount of floral arrangements, made by nature. Smells Clean - Air Freshener Aisle at Walmart

I hate to state the obvious, but I think that Dennis secretly likes the scents as well, because anywhere they happen to be plugged in, he’ll conveniently have a nap there. It’s like he doesn’t realize that he is the reason we have so many of these things plugged in – or maybe he thinks that they are a sort of offering to him. Who knows, he fits right in though, and we love him for it. 



How do you keep your home smelling clean with a pet? What’s your Spring scent? I love anything fruity, but light. I’m partial to things like honeydew, and cucumber – because I’m also a foodie and always hungry. Don’t forget to stop by your local Walmart in the air care aisle and pick up a few of your favorites! 


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