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See’s Candies Wants to Help You Fundraise this Year!

See’s Candies Wants to Help You Fundraise this Year!
See's Candies $1000 Fundraiser

Don’t miss your chance to win BIG for your favorite school or non-profit! See’s Candies is giving 4 lucky winners $1,000 in delicious product to sell at 100% profit – ENTER TODAY and spread the word! Ends 9/15/15.

Thanks to See’s Candies and Volunteer Spot for facilitating this post. 

See’s Candies is back again with a Flash Fundraiser! Given that school is in session for many of you, and just about to begin for the city of Chicago (just one week over this way) it’s high time to just get the entire element of fundraising out of the way so that you all can focus on your children, and their activities and homework instead, right? Here’s your opportunity to enter to win $1000 of See’s Candies from now until September 15, for your school or non-profit organization

You all know my passion for fundraising. I did it for more than seven years for Nathaniel’s school, and still do bits of it for his high school, and STILL for the grammar school that he attended. Yes, I do. It’s got a part of my heart because it helped to mold Nathaniel into the young man that he is, even if we Mr. Houseful and I had to stay on them. I will say that the one thing that the parents didn’t really have time for was any fundraiser that required them to do work outside of entering a contest. If they just had to click a link, all I had to do was provide the computers for them to do it, an voila, it was done! Easy, peasy, right? Well, this is where you get the easy treatment too, AND you can still do more if you’re like me! You can then take your prize and sell it for 100% profit to add an extra $1000 to your organization’s budget line. The prize includes :

  • Lollypops (500): 250 each of Butterscotch and Chocolate
  • Candy Bars (288): 144 each of Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate w/ Toffee Nuggets
  • Reusable Totes (50): Perfect for transporting candy
  • Collection Envelopes (50): Hand them to all your helpers
  • See’s Banner (1): To use at your fundraising event
  • See’s Candy Dish (1): Great gift for an outstanding volunteer or coordinator!

Which brings me to this story. My favorite mode of fundraising is an event where you can see the happiness in both the eyes of the parent and the child. We’ve done combo fundraisers with bookfairs, and submitting coupons that give money back. It’s all about how creative you can get, and how easy you can make it for the members of your organization. Making sure that they had all of the information about purchasing and contests was pertinent, and that bookfair went on to be one of the most successful in the history of the school. The kids had fun, and the parents kept asking when we were going to have another one. It is moments like those that make me forget all of the sometimes difficult work that goes into fundraising, and just being happy that we were able to do so and get the school items that they needed. 

You can enter HERE or by clicking on any of the photos within this blog post. Follow the instructions accordingly, and cross your fingers! 4 winners will be randomply selected at the end of the contest. Good luck! Contest ends 9/15/2016 

Win $1000 worth of See's Fundraising Product


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Virginia Duan

Friday 4th of September 2015

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Michelle D. Johnson Garrett

Friday 4th of September 2015

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Friday 4th of September 2015

See's Candies Wants to Help You Fundraise this Year!

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