Purple Gingham Magic in the Air – Head to Toe True Playa!

If you didn’t sing that to the tune of a Bruno Mars hit, we can’t be friends. I’m just kidding. We probably couldn’t be friends before that. Thanks to eShakti for sponsoring this awesomeness, and to YOU for sticking around through my ill-placed sarcasm. Affiliate links are also in the post. The coffee I buy from it helps me stay chipper. I really do love you. Just don’t hug me. Today’s outfit showcase features a purple picnic print dress, or as eShakti has named it, the Obi Belt Gingham Check Print Crepe Dress. Say that five times fast. I just call it the Purple Gingham and keep it moving. I like saying gingham. 

eShakti Purple Gingham Checked Dress

One thing I love about the city is the fact that no one looks at me weird when I step in the middle of my street intersection to take photos of myself in different garb. It’s super fun to watch as folks slow down to see just who I think I am. 

I’m Natasha! 

I’m a wife. I’m a mom. I’m an entrepreneur. 

I’m cute. 

eShakti Purple Gingham Checked Dress

This dress is cut similarly to the white eShakti dress that I ordered last year, but it’s made of crepe not poplin, which makes it super shifty. I forgot how much I like movement in my clothes until I put this on. I totally get why my girls always want me to make them circle skirts when I do sew for them. It’s a requirement. Not to mention the pockets. 

eShakti Purple Gingham Checked Dress

The pockets are clutch, yo.

I kind of want to go back in time to my wedding day and put pockets in my dress. That’s how much I love dresses with pockets. The crepe also gives me wedding dress material vibes, so I’ll run with it. By the way it comes in green too! 

eShakti Purple Gingham Checked Dress

I’m slowly getting my conference wardrobe ready. You know, those dresses that I can grab when I know I’m heading off for travel, but still want to be business dressed, but COMFORTABLE. These are the items that I’m getting for myself. Dresses I can stay in all day, and ones that flatter my short stature and wide back. It’s a fact y’all, I’m not hiding from it. This wide back STILL snagged Mr. Houseful, so it’s doing something right. 

eShakti Purple Gingham Checked Dress

Have you shopped at eShakti yet? I’m still trying to figure out what you’re waiting on. I’ve given you a TON of eShakti love on the blog. Get with the program y’all! You’ll be so happy that you have the ability to customize your dress to fit YOUR body. I altered the length, sleeve, bust, waist and hips of this dress, so I wouldn’t be swimming in it. I also added a side zipper instead of just opting for the overhead option with no room for wiggle. 

Now if I can just get my shoe game on point, we’ll be gravy. Check out my other dresses from eShakti below. 

eShakti Yellow Poplin Dress

eShakti White Poplin Dress

eShakti Blue Gingham Dress 

eShakti Purple Gingham Checked Dress

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  • Reply
    Andrea @ MouseInMyPocket.com
    March 20, 2018 at 8:56 am

    You always look fabulous in your eShakti dresses! I recently ordered a couple pieces, but was lucky enough not to need to have them customized. Yea for “free hips”! I love my pieces, so thanks for introducing me.

  • Reply
    Dr. Renee
    March 20, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    Let me get over to eShakti that gingham is TOO CUTE!!!! WORK IT!!

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