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Phonics Builders:Homeschool Treasure Box

Phonics Builders:Homeschool Treasure Box

Phonics Builders



Anytime I visit our local library, I’m always on the lookout for things that would make our homeschool experience a little more fun, yet challenging for the ladybug, and the twizzlers (depending on the day of course.) Well, on our Trick or Treat visit to the library, I happened upon this boxed set of Twist & Turn Phonics Builders and saw that Sir Twizzler was immediately enthralled by them. Here’s my initial reaction since I’m in the process of ordering some for the Houseful’s Homeschool.

Ease of use:

The builders were super easy to turn and hold. Made of durable plastic, I’m sure that it can withstand several attempts of throwing them across the room. However, since that’s not the purpose, I’m assuming that the lettering will stay in tact from all of the turning that tiny hands will do.


Bright, primary colors as the background to bold black lettering is what initially attracted Sir Twizzler to them in the first place. However, this set happened to be geared towards children who already knew letter blends. The three and four letter phonics builders do boast white lettering on even brighter beads.

Experience Levels:

So, of course, I went online to see if they were available in easier sets. Of course they were! The phonics builders come in levels of 3 word, 4 word and letter blends, and mixed letter blends.  The 3/4 letter phonics builders come in sets of 10, which helps children practice with a variety of letter combinations. The harder phonics builders, help with letter blends, with the target sounds being color coded for extra help. This will also help with forming the knowledge and experience to learn digraphs.

Phonics Builders Phonics Builders Phonics BuildersAll three of these images are courtesy of

I can’t wait to pick up a pair of these soon, so I can do a greater review for you all! So tell me, do you have phonics builders built for little hands? How do you like them? Share in the comment section below!


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Friday 15th of November 2013

Yea, these are going to have to go on the Christmas wishlist. Too cool.

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