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Graco Little Lounger

While the days of baby making might be over in the Houseful of Nicholes – note the might never you mind what Mr. Houseful says – the days of drooling over all things baby are not. This Graco Little Lounger literally tugged at my desire to add more to our brood, and well, I’m a bit jealous of women who have babies tiny enough to fit snugly in here, and sleep peacefully. I received a Graco Little Lounger in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Okay – that set up was a bit too perfect for first time, or fourth time moms, but you get the gist. This baby gear was wonderful to see in person at an in home party that I was able to attend last week. It’s part rocker and part lounger and all love. The padding isn’t overflowing, but it’s plush enough to make sure that your baby’s head and body are comfortable.

The locking aspect of the leg corners also impressed me, as it immediately turns the rocker into a stabilized lounger, fit to stand next to you while you do dishes, work from home, or in the bathroom while you take that three minute shower you’ve been yearning for all week. See, I understand lots of moms!

The head portion also can recline fully, or have your baby sit up and stare at you while you attempt to get things done around the house. This will make sure that you still interact with them, and have two hands free to do those things that you thought were SOOOO easy before you had children.

It was even tested by my friend Laura’s newest addition and got, what I thought were, rave reviews.

Graco Little LoungerHere are some of the key features:

2-in-1: Rocking Seat + Vibrating Lounger

Rock Locks™ transform the rocker  into a stationary vibrating lounger

Multi-position recline makes it easy to keep baby comfortable

Toy bar with two soft toys keeps baby entertained

3-point harness keeps baby secure

Graco Little Lounger

I did love the fact that this doesn’t have a lot of pieces to assemble, and after you break it down, it folds flat, AND can stand up straight, for easy storage, using a BUTTON that says PUSH TO FOLD! Everyone will know how to collapse it for portability

. They come in four different styles, sell for a MSRP of $79.99 and some styles are sold exclusively at certain venues:


Exclusively available at Babies R Us in the Caraway fashion

Exclusively available at Target in the Dakota and Elm fashions

Exclusively available at buybuy Baby in the Astoria fashion

General line and specialty in the Ardmore fashion

If you’re interested in learning more about the Little Lounger, you can visit Graco on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and also follow the #Graco15ForMe hashtag via both.

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Introducing the Graco Little Lounger in Dakota #Graco15ForMe

Sunday 19th of January 2014

[…] Natasha of Houseful of Nicholes […]


Friday 15th of November 2013

It was so nice to meet you, Natasha! You are DEFINITELY not alone when you say the Little Lounger makes you want another baby. I'm sooooo ready!!!

Emily @ Baby Dickey

Friday 15th of November 2013

It was great to see you again, thanks for coming! It makes me want another baby, too ;)

Laura Grace Andry

Friday 15th of November 2013

We love our little lounger. Julia especially likes the vibrations. I agree that adorable and multifunctional baby gear totally makes me want more babies- and my baby is still a baby!

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