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Full Of Words Wednesday

Full Of Words WednesdayLately, my life has been on a weird trajectory. Too many days of wanting to sleep in. Too many days of losing my cool with my kids. Too many days of shutting down with Mr. Houseful. So I did what any red blooded American would do, and started looking for tiny things to make me happy. Which in the digital age includes opening up my laptop, scrolling through my dropbox and looking at pictures that I may have snapped quickly, but forgot about in just the same amount of time. This is where this weeks Full Of Words Wednesday comes from

I’m not sure when this photo was taken. It had to be June or July as I don’t look like I’m hating the heat just yet. I do remember that we were waiting for Mr. Houseful to come home from the first church service that we usually attend, and obviously, WE had not attended, so we decided to sit on the front porch and take silly pictures.

What I love about this photo is for ONCE everyone is looking the same way, and concentrating on getting smiles just right for the camera. I also love that the ladybug’s hair is slightly frizzy from an impromptu running session to “work on her fast” and that Lil Miss is cheesing with every fiber of her being. I love the afro curls sprouting from Sir Twizzler’s head.

I also love the fact that I’m in this photo. For once, I turned the camera around and was present during a moment in time. It may not be something phenomenal, but for one day, sitting on the porch, letting the sun’s rays cascade down on us on a simple Sunday morning was enough to get me in front of the camera.

I long for those days again. I know that while I was smiling, I still wasn’t the Natasha that I’m longing for. However, that Natasha is a lot better than what’s been around these parts for a while.

I long for peace in my houseful. Peace in my mind. Peace in my spirit. I long for those Sunday’s on the front porch.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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