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Moms’ Night Out Review #MNOMovie

Moms’ Night Out Review #MNOMovie

The hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world. 

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Picture it, your house is messy, your husband is at work, and you’re in charge of handling kids and all you want to do is sit, and eat chocolate without interruption. Sound familiar? That’s because it IS! Well, in my house it is, and I’m not afraid to admit it – afraid to film it, yes, but not admit it. Moms’ Night Out can possibly remedy that, or provide you with enough laughter and possibly tears to help you forget for a bit. Plus there’s popcorn. 

All too often in the world of parenting, moms are pitted against each other in who can keep the best house, have the best kids, and serve the best food. We try to live up to standards that have created individuals who don’t stop and enjoy the journey of motherhood as much as they should. It makes us think that we aren’t perfect – when no one actually is – and when we DEFINITELY are in the eyes of our children. 

When I was presented with the opportunity to see Moms Night Out before it hits theaters May 9th, I assumed that I was going to see another comedy about moms that would be filled with dad bashing, and making mothers seem more perfect that I could ever be in this lifetime. Instead I was greeted with a thoughtful movie about the true grit of parenting. Honestly. I will say that the movie runs the gamut of being the wife of a man in the ministry, a single parent, a homeschooling parent, a germaphobe parent, and even a parent that totally thinks that they have the best partner ever. There’s talk of raves, tattoos, and possible kidnapping. It’s something that I could see happening in my life. 

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Obviously, the premise is pretty decent. Three moms who live way too hectic lives find the time to get out and enjoy the company of each other for ONE evening. Chaos ensues. Clarity comes. Friendships deepen. 

I was also pleasantly surprised with the undercurrent of Christian themes in the movie. No, this isn’t an evangelical movie meant to bring you over to the side of Christ, but one that happens to have characters who happen to be Christian. Patricia Heaton who plays the Pastor’s wife, Sondra, really resonated deeply with me. The main character Ally, played by Sarah Drew, was also another layer of my mom world. A homeschooling mom of very “active” children, with a husband that works outside of the home. I felt like she put the same pressures on herself as I do,  to be this version of a mom that we think our spouse may want. There is a sense of camaraderie throughout the entire film. 

Now, don’t go thinking that the entire movie is this big think tank about what it takes to let go. Don’t get me wrong, it does speak to that, but it also manages to be HILARIOUS. I love the dads in the movie as well. They are shown as men who truly care for their wives and children. They don’t consider them the “old ball and chain” and they manage to let us know that it is SUPER manly to want your wife to get out and enjoy herself with her friends. 

To end this recommendation, I do have to share with you all, that lately, I have been sharing things that Mr. Houseful has been doing in the house with the hashtag #thatshowbabiesaremade. Mostly because I feel that men really don’t get enough exposure when they are married. Sometimes they are looked upon as only being good for a paycheck, and nothing else. They don’t get to make decisions for the house, don’t know how to cook, clean, or manage the children. I’m glad that my husband isn’t one of those men. Granted, there are things that I am better at than him and vice versa. However, when he takes it upon himself to free me up from having to do a chore that I absolutely abhor like, clean the fridge, or wash those dishes that I’ve let pile up for a day or four, I find it extremely sexy, and I share my love and appreciation for it everywhere. So, if you ever want to know how babies are made in our houseful, know that it probably started with a clean fridge, or randomly washed dishes by Mr. Houseful, and ended up how Ally and Sean do here. It works people! 


Overall, I’m giving a very energetic two thumbs up to this movie because of its family friendly nature, ability to stick with the reality of being a parent, and even pulling laughs from things that we normally would cry about. 

Moms Night Out opens in select theaters May 9th (Mother’s Day Weekend) and would be PERFECT for your own Moms’ Night Out, or family night out, whichever you prefer. If you also want to connect further with other Moms, you can check out the movie’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest pages! 

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