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Make It a Crayola® Christmas – But Don’t Forget Your Energizer® Batteries

A couple of weeks ago, in early November (can you imagine that, Saturday is December!) the bottom three of my houseful trekked on over to  Family Grounds Coffee Shop & Indoor Play Cafe in Chicago for a Crayola® and Energizer® blogger event called Power The Creativity.

For those of you who have been keeping up with the craziness that has been my life these last few months, I was coming from running the book fair at the cellist’s school to this shindig and was super tired. Little did I know that walking into the room would literally transport me back to when the cellist was just in pre-school and we loaded the Christmas tree up with products from Crayola®. He still has his crayon maker. Seriously.

True to form, Crayola® has kept up with the level of fun that we expected even eight years ago. The sheer amount of greatness packed on this table is a little overwhelming if you are part of the Houseful. It was all I could do to keep the ladybug and the twizzlers from trying to grab something in both hands when we were leaving.

If you’re like me, when you were a kid, you thought getting gifts was awesome. What WASN”T awesome was when the gift giver would forget the batteries, and sometimes mom and dad were a bit too preoccupied with your other three siblings to remember to get them and the cool toy fell into oblivion months later. That made for a sad pre-Mrs. Houseful. Now, the Mr. and I make sure to include batteries with each of the battery operated gifts that we give and our choice is definitely Energizer®. Mine is mostly for the cool bunny that adorns each package, but they have managed to win the practical portion of my heart by making their batteries shelf stable for up to 10 years.


Dude, do you KNOW how many batteries I went through as a kid AND as an adult that I thought were good because they were still in the package and they stopped working 15 minutes later? This little technology will change lives in the Houseful. LIVES I tell ya!

Now, as my little people enter into the era of wanting to become little artists, and I choose things to help them, I am happy that I have the choices that I do from Crayola® and that Energizer® batteries will power those toys and memories for years to come.

Sir Twizzler decided to try out the Crayola® Projector and the Light Up Tracing Pad along with a side of plain bag of chips. That’s the life.

The great thing for the adults present were the Flameless Scented Candles that were paired with the Energizer® batteries. I first came in contact with these during Blog Her and loved that I could leave them around the house for a subtle glow and scent without worrying about the little Housefuls getting burned or pouring wax all over my already tortured carpets.

There you have it. I’m pretty sure you know some of the things that will be waiting under the tree for our children (even the cellist who still loves opening up a new box of markers or colored pencils to sketch with.) We’ll most definitely remember the batteries as well.

And just because they’re awesome, you can save on your batteries as well.

Power the creativity with Energizer® and Crayola®

Buy specially marked packs of Energizer® MAX® AA-16 and AAA-16 batteries and save up to $20 on select Crayola® products!   Look for your coupons inside.
Participating Crayola® products include:
  • Crayola® Digital Light Designer™
  • Crayola® Sketcher Projector™
  • Crayola® Light-Up Tracing Pad
  • Crayola® Glow Book or Glow Dome
  • Any Crayola® Color Wonder® Product
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I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Energizer. I attended an event and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.