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I’m In Love With Stanley Steemer

Stanley Steemer really does get carpet cleaner. Honestly. If you really need proof, I’m about to subject myself to some potentially embarrassing photos of the carpet of mine that hasn’t been cleaned since before I had the ladybug, and I did that myself while pregnant with her. It was a very cumbersome day, and I didn’t get nearly any dirt up, but I was pregnant, so everyone lied to me. Go figure. Apparently Stanley Steemer’s dirt removal rate is somewhere around 98%. I’m sure that I, in all of my pregnant and nesting glory, didn’t even come close to that.

This is the exact reason that I decided that I would schedule a carpet cleaning right before I hosted Thanksgiving festivities in my home. I was tired of looking at our mess of a carpet, and I’m pretty sure that visitors may have had a thought or two about it as well.

These are some photos of how my carpet looked. If you are offended by dirt, I suggest you just leave now. Honestly, you won’t hurt my feelings. Four kids, two adults and whatever bags we drag through these two rooms can do a LOT of damage to a carpet. It’s also Berber. I’m almost feeling embarrassed, but not really.

The money shot is honestly the one below. It shows the difference between a freshly steam cleaned carpet and the dirt of all of mankind – well, a Houseful of Nicholes anyway.

Of course the iron stain doesn’t come up, well, because it doesn’t. They’re carpet cleaners, not magicians. Plus it adds “character” or at least that’s what I tell myself when I pass it everyday. That great spot was bestowed upon us by our former Rottweiler, Bishop, who literally acted like a toddler himself. Come to think of it, he was. I kind of miss him – but not the licking of his paws in the middle of the night by the side of my bed.

I’m pretty sure you’ll understand that every single stain didn’t come up. There’s only so much they can do with a carpet that hasn’t really been cleaned in years. However, the difference is totally noticeable and I would recommend the service to anyone who asked. On their website, it’s stated that they also do air ducts, furniture, hardwood and tiled floors. As of right now though, I stick to old fashioned scrubbing on the hands and knees – sue me.

The carpet even got a bit brighter after it dried fully. I secretly wanted to roll around on it. It was that beautiful to me. Kind of like a new to me used car. You know how excited you get when you’ve been walking or taking a bus for so long, that even a slightly dented newer used car makes you swoon. Yeah, that.

I’m okay with the worn areas of the carpet because it means that there is activity in my house. Only now, it looks a little cleaner.

I did have a window between 3-7 and the gentlemen (two of them) arrive a little after 5:30 and were done with my two large-ish rooms by 6:15. We were presented with ‘extras’ for an extra charge which we (hopefully) nicely declined. There were instructions given about the care of the carpet before they left, such as vacuuming high traffic areas at least twice weekly and the rest of my carpet once a week. They also let us know what recommended cleaning schedule we should stay on.

Have you ever used Stanley Steemer? Did you like their services?

*Disclosure:The Stanley Steemer gift certificate, information, and gift pack were provided by Stanley Steemer. All opinions are mine.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.