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The Houseful Reads: My Life Map

It’s not often that I’m stumped by a book. Especially when I’m stumped because of not really wanting to look too closely at things that I should be.

This is what My Life Map is all about. Basically putting you in a position to be real enough with yourself to seek what you would like to be doing ten years from now in EVERY single area of your life that you can imagine.







I say that I was uncomfortable, not because the book was horrible, but because I tend to punk out at looking at the real aspects of my life sometimes. With the death of my sister ten years ago, I’m a little afraid to examine my life closely because I feel as if I will be disappointed with what things I have manage to NOT do.


It’s such an ugly cycle, but it was refreshing to get some things out in the open in this journal.

Don’t fear about not knowing what to write either, because the authors, Kate and David Marshall, provide excellent examples of how to fill out the maps throughout the journal. There are also several warm up questions to get your most truthful answers to the forefront as well.

You can literally plan out the next ten years of your life with ease, and with a little bit of reservation at putting things down in pen. I was definitely a little bit reserved at writing things down with a pen.

A pen people!

That’s HUGE!

So, this begs to ask the question, what are you anxious to map out in your life?

Care to write it down in pen?

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Mrs. Houseful

Monday 26th of November 2012


It's such an honor for you to stop by my blog! I should clarify. Pen was only used for those items that I'm absolutely sure about! LOL Like service to the school that my son goes to - even after he graduates. However, as I am typing I realize that even THAT may change. >sigh< off to pull out my eraser. :)

Kate Marshall

Sunday 25th of November 2012

Wow, a pen! You're a brave woman. That uncomfortable feeling we get when realizing that we've been avoiding some big questions is totally(!) normal. I'm really glad you pushed past it and ended up feeling good about the process. I do my maps in pencil b/c the pencil is assures me that I'm just sketching out current intentions, not setting things in stone. That makes it easier for me to get writing. But I can see how using a pen could be empowering too.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.