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With school back in session, and children settling down for a full year of learning, I’m sure requests for school supplies, or basic classroom needs are sure to start rolling in. Why not let Volunteer Spot help out a bit in that arena? Right now, they are sponsoring a Love Your Teacher Sweepstakes, and more than$20,000 in prizes are up for grabs! 

All you have to do is enter HERE and you AND your favorite teacher can be in the running for various giftcards from Target., McGraw-Hill education grants, and more! What a great way to start a new school year off, and a way to show your favorite teachers how much they mean to you and your child. Or if you don’t have children, and WORK in the school, why not nominate YOUR favorite co-workers?

Teachers put a lot of their own finances into the education of children. Oftentimes buying books, supplies, and even personal items for students in their classes. So many are invested in the education of children that they use their paychecks to make sure that everything is covered. Why not apply to help take some of that financial strain off of them, while simultaneously putting a smile on their face? 

I can still remember so many of my favorite teachers. From grammar school through college. All of my favorites have left a mark on me as an individual and I often go back to lessons learned in their classrooms. This is why I think that I push so hard for teachers to be honored, and get so frustrated when they are not. I even have some favorite teachers from Nathaniel’s elementary school career, and would love to see them win as well. 

So, why not put your vote where your heart is, and go and enter the Love Your Teacher sweepstakes. You never know if you and your teacher might win some awesome stuff. 

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