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We’re Traveling to Wisconsin! We’ve Got Little Passports

We’re Traveling to Wisconsin! We’ve Got Little Passports

Suitcases are packed, and we’re ready to get rolling! That is, we’re ready to travel the world with the help of Little Passports. Did you know that they turned 5 years old this year! So they have been around just one year less than the Ladybug and one year more than the twizzlers. This is how we snuck a math lesson in as well! 

With the  Little Passports USA Edition , your travel hosts, Sam and Sofia, travel to two states per month and take your children with them. Our suitcase came with everything that we needed in order to visit Wisconsin AND Virginia, but since we’ll be taking a trip to Wauwatosa this month, I figured we could start with Wisconsin. 

We began with the map that is included, but for smaller learners is a bit, well, small. So I used my wall map of the United States to show the children where we were going to be traveling to, and talking about in our lesson. 

What Comes In A Suitcase? 

I’m not trying to ruin the surprise totally, but quite a bit comes in your first travel bag. You receive a suitcase, passport, map, field guide and a camera for a photo scavenger hunt. There are a quite a few surprises in there as well! Most things come to keep a great document of where you go and what you learn. A field guide is also available to keep track of notes, or drawings that the kids may do while exploring each state that you visit. 


What I love the most about this Little Passports subscription is the fact that you can also supplement things that you find online, or via the library. While Sam and Sofia provide a great starting point, sometimes my children want to key in on specific things and want to learn more. This time it was about the Badger – which is Wisconsin’s state animal. They liked how the badger’s face looked and really got excited when the Wild Kratts featured the honey badger on an episode. We discussed ways that these badgers were alike and different, and it brought about great new ways to expand their mind. Little Passports also gives a great link to continue your adventure online, and sometimes even includes recipes and crafts that you can add on to your adventures! 

 I received a complimentary sample of Little Passports to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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