Little Passports Study of Brazil

With the Olympics coming up in Rio this year, it’s only proper that the Houseful of Littles learn about Brazil with Little Passports. We were excited to receive our kit, complete in a cute little suitcase, with a passport, and trinkets all representative of Brazil and all that it encompasses. In this particular suitcase, we were happy to find all of the items that would make a trip to Brazil fantastic, including a souvenir! 

Little Passports Brazil Unit

One of the very first things that we do when receive our travel package is open our map and pin which country we’re going to be learning about. It’s fun to see just how large the world is, and even how many countries we want to visit. Upon opening the map, Lil Miss informed us that Brazil took up almost all of the land space of South America. Great observation! 

Earn Your Little Passports Brazil Sticker

Little Passports Brazil Unit

There is nothing more amazing than earning passport stamps, and it even rings true when you’re not traveling outside of your home! Each Little Passports kit has a corresponding country stamp to where you are traveling. We discuss the colors of the flag, and if anything stands out from each one. 

Little Passports Brazil Unit

The contents of the suitcase always includes a letter from Sam and Sofia, activity sheets, stickers and photos that directly relate to the country of focus. The souvenir for Brazil is a piece of Amethyst that Sofia found while exploring an amethyst mine. The boarding pass that’s included has a code that allows you to go online and play other games. 

We’re looking forward to continuing travel around the world, and collecting all of the stickers for our suitcase and passports! If you’re interested in starting your own voyage with your children, you can find several options for any age of children. 

Little Passports- Brazil Unit

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This post is in conjunction with PBS Kids VIP and Little Passports. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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