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I’m Going To Get Muddy! #Giveaway

Pretty Muddy Cover Image.jpg

About a month ago, I received a  direct message on twitter asking me to participate in a women’s only mud run. I was all for it and excited to get muddy until I saw 5K.

I haven’t run 3 miles since being in the Navy, and with the addition of three more children, AND the obstacle course that will be included, I doubted myself for a good long while.

However, this summer/fall will be the time to get back into the groove of exercising AND having fun. Mr. Houseful and I have a cruise coming up, and I am DYING to wear a bikini without fear that my photo will go viral on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other venues for horrific reasons. You feel me?

Anyhow, the Pretty Muddy Obstacle course is a 5k that you can run, walk, skip or stroll by yourself or with a group of girlfriends. I’m not looking to make any strides in speed, or endurance, but I do want to go and have a great time with a couple of friends in my group the Three Apple High Crew.

Yes, I’m channeling my inner Smurf, and I’m proud of it!

I’m looking forward to getting muddy, and then enjoying a couple of post run type appetizers and beverages!

If you’re interested, you can click to buy a ticket here:

Pretty Muddy Tickets

and make sure you use my discount code to get $10 off of registration! HousefullofNicholesDisc

But wait! There’s MORE!

I’m giving away one registration ticket to a reader who can be here on the 15th of September. Make sure to read all rules so that you will definitely be able to use the ticket!

This giveaway ends on August 31st. Good luck, and let’s get muddy!

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Renee Blackburn

Tuesday 28th of August 2012

Would love to do this run, just because! As a busy mother of four, and a new school year approaching, I need to blow off a little steam and have fun doing it. Just turned 40, and will be spending the next half of my life OUTSIDE of my comfort zone!

Sarah @ East9thStreet

Thursday 23rd of August 2012

I just moved to Chicago and would love to get in the racing scene - especially when its not about racing and more about having fun!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.