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I Love It When We’re Cruising Together – Part IV

I Love It When We’re Cruising Together – Part IV

So, I thought that I had scheduled this post for yesterday, and apparently – I did not. How come? Because I didn’t even write one. I should be fired.  However, I own my own business, so I would have re-hire myself just to get it done anyway, so I figured this was the easiest way. Wait, where was I again? Oh, yes. Day Three on our Anniversary Cruise.

This day was our actual four year anniversary. Yes, thank you, thank you. We enjoyed ourselves immensely this day, between laughing, flirting, and relaxing, and of course, we have pictures!

We were slated to arrive in Grand Stirrup Cay on this morning, but the evening before, the crew were abuzz about the fact that the water was too choppy – and we felt it too! Or at least I did. There was a lot of rolling of the ship and I guess because the port that we were going into we wouldn’t have been able to dock in, they decided to go ahead to Nassau. This is important for two reasons. #1 They never announced it where EVERYONE knew what was going on. #2 This sucks because we were actually meeting someone there and could have seen them one day earlier instead of waiting until the next afternoon to do so. BOO!

Well, I’m sure that you all want pictures of our third day – which was a full day at sea.

That morning we woke up and wished each other a happy anniversary and proceeded to the buffet area for breakfast and to start our day.  We decided to get a little bit dressy for the morning.  Once again, I didn’t have the camera, so it looks like I am just full of myself for most of the day.

On board the Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship.
On deck - rainy and windy, but so relaxing!

After trying to get some relaxation in on the sun deck – where it started to rain – I couldn’t sit on the deck anymore, so I went back down to eat, yes again, and wait for my husband who decided to pass some time by playing basketball with some of the other men on the ship. After passing some more time in our stateroom, we went ahead and got ready to go to dinner for our anniversary. I got to dress up! WOOHOO!

Anniversary Dinner - Norwegian Cruise Line Sky Ship

I must say, that I have some pretty awesome legs! Yes my dears, these are the stems of a mother of four! 🙂

One more for good measure.

Of course, we enjoyed ourselves and our fourth anniversary as Mr. & Mrs. Nicholes, as well as just being able to relax and not worry about reservations, or plans or anything else that day. We did dock in Nassau all night, but decided not to debark to go on land until the next day. Stay tuned for those adventures on Monday morning!

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Monique Koch

Sunday 13th of November 2011

Beautiful pics! I love Paradise Island :-)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.