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Homeschoolers Gift Guide

Homeschoolers Gift Guide

When it comes to getting gifts for homeschoolers, choosing which gifts to get is sometimes the hardest. Since you probably already have a ton of homeschool books getting gifts that are fun and interactive may be a good idea. If you have a homeschooler that loves to read, more books are always a good idea. Fun and hands-on gifts can be educational too! Things like experiment kits, games, electronics, and similar items can all be educational but extremely fun. Here are a few gift ideas to get your homeschooled child.

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1. Electrical Circuit Engineering Kit – Over 25 STEM projects that kids will have fun with while they are learning about electricity, currents, and magnetic science. As they are doing the experiments, kids will have a chance to learn how to build and get a hands-on approach with different engineering skills. This set makes a great gift for ages 8 and up.

2. Remote Control Building Kit – Another great STEM kit that teaches kids how to build a 2-in-1 off-road truck and race car. The pieces of the building kit are easy to put together and when finished, they turn into remote controls. Kids will have a blast playing with their remote control vehicles and get satisfaction knowing they built the cars themselves. Recommended for ages 7 and up.

3. ZoZoplay Straw Constructor – Kids will have fun building whatever their imagination desires with these fun and colorful straws. Building toys can help with hand-eye coordination and can even be therapeutic for children with Autism or Asperger Disorder. They may not realize it, but while they are building, they are learning various STEM subjects. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

4. LapGear Lap Desk – Not as much fun as some of the toys and kits featured above, but a lap desk can be extremely helpful when it comes to schoolwork and working on the computer. This lap desk features a built-in handle with a curved edge and soft fleece cushion for comfort. It conforms to the lap providing stability and allowing for the correct angle for screen viewing on laptops.

5. National Geographic Ultimate Play Sand – Children will have a blast playing with these special sands as they mold, shape, and blend their creations. It’s extremely easy to clean up so no messes on the floor and it’s non-toxic so it’s safe for kids.

6. Art Set – Let kids use their imagination to draw and paint. This art set comes with a built-in easel making it easy for kids to write, draw, and color. The portable case allows it to go anywhere your child goes and each item has its own place so that everything they need is organized.

7. Hyper Toss Action Game – Kids can put their skills to the test with this addictive fast-paced game where they have to try and catch the ball quickly into one of the colored cups. Which colored cup depends on what audio instructions tell them to do. The game helps with hand-eye coordination, physical activity, free play, and memory improvement.

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