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7 Rules for Sticking to a $50 Per Week Budget

7 Rules for Sticking to a $50 Per Week Budget

Trying to feed your family on $50 a week, sounds like some joke, doesn’t it? However, there are thousands of families that are forced to feed their loved ones at $50 a week. Instead of looking at it as a negative thing, why don’t you accept it as a challenge? Here are 7 rules for sticking to a $50 a week food budget.

7 Rules for Sticking to a $50 a Week Grocery Budget

1. Stick to the same meals. When you’re working with a $50 a week grocery budget, it’s safe to stick to the same meals. A lot of people will stick to a 2-week meal plan rotation. Sticking to these same meals will help you stick to the budget. Can it be boring? Yes, but you’re able to stay on budget, which is the real win here. You can also re-mix the same meals by adding a different seasoning from your pantry to sides or the meats you stick with. See #5

2. Buying frozen is always a good bet. Everyone loves their fresh produce, but when you’re working with a $50 a week grocery budget, frozen is your friend. The best thing about frozen fruits and veggies is that you don’t have to worry about them going bad.

3. Make larger portion of meals. If your family will eat it and you have the extra ingredients, go big or go home. Cooking larger portions of meals is also how you feed a family on a $50 a week grocery budget. Not only do you save time, but you also prevent food items from going to waste. That hamburger meat gets used up and you have a meal for later.

4. Keep it simple. Sticking to a $50 a week food budget comes down to keeping your meal plan simple. Creating fancy foods isn’t probably going to be in the budget, but that’s okay! By keeping it simple, you can take the pressure off yourself. Hamburgers can have fancy toppings, but still, stay within your simple budget!

5. Flavoring is your friend. Like I mentioned before, you can’t always get fancy with your ingredients when you’re on a budget, but the flavoring is everything. Luckily, you can get seasonings very cheap! Take ordinary food and make it fabulous with flavorings! A cheap budget allows you to get VERY creative with your flavors.

6. Stick to the bulk grains. When feeding your family on $50 a week, there are a few rules to stick to. One of those rules is buying grain in bulk. Inexpensive grains can help fill bellies, but they’re also very versatile. The basic bulk grains that we’re talking about include oatmeal, rice, and flour. Just think of how filing these grains are! And buying in bulk can save you lots of money.

7. Don’t let food go to waste. If you are going to go through all the trouble of sticking to a $50 a week food budget, don’t let food go to waste. Leftovers are your friend. Make food that your family will enjoy. Keep it simple with what you make, but put lots of flavor in it. If you aren’t going to eat it all, let’s put it away for the next time you’re hungry.

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Lady Locust

Tuesday 5th of November 2019

Great list! We don't spend $ on lunches. (#3) I make extra supper and leftovers are our next day's lunch. Also, a few herbs growing in the garden are way helpful. Again, very sensible list.

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