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Hey YOU! What Makes YOU Sexy?

One of these days, I’ll stop writing about my Chicago BlogHer experience. That’s not going to be today though. You will enjoy it.

Natasha-Taylor-Nicholes-Chevron-dressphoto courtesy of BlogHer 2013

If I wanted to, I could find one hundred things wrong with this photo. But today, I’m focusing on what’s right.

Like my legs.

And that hair.

And those red lips.

Plus the leather jacket – seriously,

On Sunday, or yesterday, who knows, I asked a couple of my friends what made them feel sexy – here are their answers:

 When everything just comes together. The outfit, my hair, when all my curves are smoothed and I can stand really tall. It’s definitely an internal thing. ~Raven M.

The curve of my calf when I’m wearing heels and a pencil skirt. A bold lip. When the “girls” are sitting high and right. ~Val L.

When my outfit just ‘clicks’. When my calf muscles pop in that right pair of heels. The curve of my behind in a skirt. When my makeup is natural and flattering. When I’m happy. When my hair is coiffed to perfection.

~ Angel J.

When I look pretty, but sound smart. And when my clothes hug, but I can sit like a boy and play video games…and beat the boys at it. Geek is the new Sexy

~ Regina T

When my hair is done, my skin is clear, and my stomach is uncharacteristically flat. Oh, and after a beast-mode workout.

~Tawnya A.

 I feel sexy when everything is DONE (hair, brows, makeup, nails, pedi). I feel extra sexy in the summer and when I have a little tan. Something about feeling sun-kissed in a sundress makes me feel like I’m glowing!

~ Erika A.

 I feel sexy when my brows are done, my lids are beat and my back is out…

~ Aisha G.

 I feel sexy when I get dressed and leave the house LOL #truestory. Seriously though, it don’t take much ’cause I walk with a swagger. If I put any effort into the “look” casual or not I feel like I’m on a magazine cover.

~Roshini C.

When I catch my reflection in a window and realize my hips are swinging and my silhouette ain’t half bad. I throw my head back and walk it out!!!!

~ J. L. C

 I feel sexy when my locs are all swooped up, makeup is YES MA’AM, and my legs are oiled up. Then my husband comes and affirms all of the above and slaps my booty

~ Gia S.

As you can see, and love, so many women give so many different answers. It’s amazing what makes us individually feel sexy, and how for some folk it’s just a way of life for them.

As someone who doesn’t always embrace the sexual part of herself because of preconceived notions about moms, and Christians, and wives of ministers – it was refreshing to shed that skin, and don a new one. Will I be in the stores every week from here on out hoarding the newest stilettos, accessories and dresses? Probably not. Will I get my nails properly manicured and pedicured each week. Nope. And all of this hair on my head, will it be done properly? Excuse me while I collapse in a fit of giggles.

That’s not to say that I won’t do it more often than I did. I’m not a fashionista by any means. Quite honestly, it’s tiring. *ducks* But, oh boy, is it fun! Being pampered is fantastic. I’ve done it three times now. For prom, for my wedding, and now for the BlogHer Fashion Show. And I can assure you, that each and every time it’s happened, I’ve felt like I could take over the world.

If you’re a guy and reading this, I need you to understand that sometimes words aren’t enough. Granted, they should be. All people should know their worth, and realize that when most people compliment that worth, it’s true.

Sadly, that’s not the case. I’m working on making it though.

And just as a thanks to the people who outfitted us for the show:

My dress came from Cerato Boutique on Chicago’s north side. The leather jacket is from Cinnamon Boutique in Roscoe Village of Chicago (I pass this place ALL of the time, and now I have a need to go inside.) My yummy jewelry is from Frill Accessory Boutique in Wicker Park. So close to cause so much damage. Necklaces I can totally do, however, the jury is still out on earrings. My wonderfully fantastic shoes came from Lori’s Shoes in Lincoln Park. Just a couple of blocks from where I graduated from. I spent many a day after classes in there salivating over the latest shoes. My hair and makeup were done by the wonderful artists at various Ulta stores around the Chicagoland area. 

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