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Habitat for Humanity – What Is It? #thehfbuilds

Habitat for Humanity – What Is It? #thehfbuilds

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Hey there! Today, it was put on my heart to do a sort of expose all post for those of you who are following our home building journey with Habitat for Humanity. Between here, Facebook, Twitter and email, I’ve received lots of questions regarding just what exactly we had to do in order to qualify for this opportunity. Lots of people seem to think that we’re getting a house for free – we’re not – or that we had to be living right on the poverty line in order to get it as well – not true. 

Here’s some information that you may find helpful about the organization in general (taken from the Habitat For Humanity International Web Page) 

  • A nonprofit, Christian housing ministry that believes that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live.
  • They build and repair houses all over the world using volunteer labor and donations. 
  • Partner families purchase these houses through no-profit, no-interest mortgage loans or innovative financing methods.

From the home ownership classes that Mr. Houseful has attended, and the literature that I’ve had to read, and of course, the meetings that we both had to attend, we know that our mortgage will be on-line with the area that we are moving into. Habitat is then able to offer these homes at a no profit, no interest rate because partner families are required to invest several hundred hours into the building of not only their homes, but the homes of other partner families. In a way, it’s the HUGEST pay it forward possibility ever. The money that we then pay on our mortgage is used to build more homes for other families that qualify in their partnership. 

To be completely honest there were two things that were a BIG issue for me. Not having as much input as to where we would build. Here in Chicago, Habitat for Humanity looks to build up current neighborhoods that need economic boosts. So, to move from a neighborhood that we’ve fought to build up to one that we’re going to be starting almost from scratch was a HUGE thing for me. HUGE. Also, I’m moving from one side of Chicago to another. This may not be a big thing for some of you reading, but for some odd reason, folk who live in Chicago like to think that they are traveling to another state if they have to leave one general area to go into another. This includes Westside to the South side,  South side to North side, North side to Westside, etc. To be fair our “sides” encompass a lot of land, and it can take over an hour to travel from the northern tip of Chicago to the southernmost tip. That’s only 26 miles of city, but it’s so dense. I digress. Someone likened it like moving from one borough of NYC to another. If you can’t imagine it, no worries, I have a breakdown for you:

Chicago Community Areas Map

I would also like to take this time to let you know that if you are in the Chicagoland area, the Chicago affiliate, Windy City Habitat for Humanity is having a Your Keys event on April 12, 2014, which is a one-day event for Chicago residents interested in applying for Windy City Habitat’s affordable home buyer program. Families that attend will receive 1-on-1 financial consultation with an experienced volunteer at no cost and take the first steps towards completing a full application with Windy City Habitat for Humanity.

Applicants also have the opportunity to take part in a resource fair comprised of 20 community partners that provide a wide array of programs, including housing, family, employment, financial and health services. Together, we hope to ensure that all attendees make significant strides towards homeownership and financial stability.

Location: Salvation Army Kroc Community Center, 1250 W 119th St, Chicago, IL 60643

Date and Time: Saturday April 12th, 10:00am – 2:00pm

Stay tuned for more information, and answers to your questions about Habitat for Humanity. You can also choose to like Habitat for Humanity on their Facebook page, or  Twitter  and even go as far as finding your local affiliate and volunteering to help another family in your area get closer to home ownership! Pay it forward! 


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Ron Pickle

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

Hi Natasha,

More power to you and your organization! This is indeed the noblest of the task to give a respectable housing to the people who can not afford it and help them in every possible manner. I wish there are more people like you and this world will be a better place, I will try and find if a local branch exists at my place, I will be too happy to offer my services to the people who need for free.

Natasha Nicholes

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

Hi Ron,

Actually every Habitat Home Owner has to pay a mortgage, so the misconception that they can't afford it, is a common one. Not only do WE have to have great credit scores, and ability to pay our mortgages (like every person who applies for a home loan,) but WE have to help build our own homes too. If you do indeed end up volunteering at a local affiliate, this is something important for you to know. Habitat Partner Families aren't poor people who need help, but future home owners taking the initiative to build their own homes AND the homes of their neighbors!

Kai Kai

Saturday 15th of August 2015

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Punchie Kai

Friday 2nd of May 2014

Punchie Kai liked this on Facebook.


Monday 10th of March 2014

Very exciting! Though moving is scary and I get it. We are going from one suburb to another - both in Chicago, but different phone area codes! You'd think I was moving out of state with how much this has been a big deal for me LOL!


Tuesday 11th of March 2014

I don't know what I would do if I had to change area codes Brandie. You would have to hold me! LOL!


Monday 10th of March 2014

Sounds amazing! Excited for you.


Tuesday 11th of March 2014

Thank you anonymous commenter. I appreciate it.

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