Full of Words Wednesday


So. Here we are again. The three amigos and me. I’m left to deal with three very different personalities every day for at least 10 hours before another person enters my home from the end of their day. These three can be hilarious, frustrating, combative, and loving. They can also be just as unfazed with things that I am excited about on a regular basis. Let’s just take a look at this photo shall we? We were just leaving the Peggy Notebaert Nature museum after seeing the Rainforest Adventure exhibit, and I figured that it would be a great time to capture photos of them in the grassy area next to the museum. Only 1/3 of them were completely cooperative. The other two were in various stages of – this would be REALLY fun if we made faces all of the time, and, UGH! She has the camera out again! I’m used to it though. 

I was really trying to make sure that I got them during the fall. The colors are muted here in Chicago, but they are still jewel toned and rich nonetheless. Then, this photo happened. I love that the ladybug is standing over the twizzlers all big sister like. She’s been stepping into her role a bit more as of late. She isn’t shy about it either. 

On the plus side, the twins aren’t shy about voicing their opinions as well. They are finding their voices each and every single day, and I love that their little personalities are so unique. Sir Twizzler is the quirkiest of my children. He does jigs when we can find episodes of He-Man and She-Ra on Netflix (more about that goldmine later) and can spend all day watching the old cartoons all alone. He often finds that he is the only child that wants to binge watch the cartoon, and has found solace on an old laptop of mine. He is in complete heaven. 

Lil Miss has surprised me in thinking that my knitting ability will produce her a sweater before the year’s end. I’m fearful of disappointing her, so I’m going to try my best. My friend Shelley has been a HUGE help, in finding free EASY patterns from Ravelry, and coaching me in my knitting quest. She’s a triple threat when it comes to making things. She can crochet, knit, AND sew like she created all of the crafts. Brandie (who I mentioned in THIS POST) has also been a HUGE help. Letting me tweet at her, and tag her in questions on Facebook. It really helps to be able to have someone who you can go to quickly, especially when you’re impatient like me. Anyway, back to the point. Little Miss wants a sweater, and a sweater she shall get. I won’t jinx myself by putting the pattern out there just yet, but I will be posting updates on the sweater, as I would love to have it done before her birthday next month. We’ll see. 

Until then, I’m going to keep looking to these three – and their big brother who is a bit photo shy as usual for inspiration, and as encouragement to keep going on the route that I’m on. I do it for them. 


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