Full Of Words Wednesday

Summer FunAs much as I kind of hate seeing my children grow up (it goes so fast) I’ve been looking forward to warmer weather in Chicago for this very reason. Sunglasses and shorts. Although Sir Twizzler refuses to keep his glasses on, this photo makes me smile because of the three very different personalities that most certainly come through.

The ladybug has been heavy into mirroring me lately (and I kind of got all blushy one day) and that’s why her glasses are sitting atop her head. Because, like I usually do, I put mine on top of my head in order to take the picture. She yelled for me to “Wait just one minute!” and copied the action.

Sir Twizzler isn’t into sitting still, or having glasses on, or having to pose for the camera. It’s very click-when-you-can around these parts.

Lil Miss, is all about enjoying life as it comes. She sits, and she waits, and she prisses, and she poses, and then she’ll give us grumpy and crack up two seconds later.

All in all, I love it. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I just want it to slow down. A lot.


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