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I know, I know, the last thing you are thinking about as the school year is coming to a close (or has come to a close) is clipping and saving Box Tops For Education, BUT I promise you, it’s a lot easier than you think. Plus, you won’t ever have to pull out those scissors OR send in clipped Box Tops to School. Was that enough to get your attention?

How many of you shop online? I’m sure if you’re reading this now, you have more than likely ordered something online to be shipped to you because of convenience. Now what if I told you that you could be earning Box Tops if you shopped through the Online Marketplace via Box Tops for Education? Seriously, it’s not hard, and you don’t have to store anything online. What you DO have to do is start at the Box Tops Marketplace and do a search for the store that you would like to shop from. Click their link and it will take you directly to the store’s web page. That’s it. The key is that you MUST shop through the Box Tops Marketplace though. Just last week, I made two purchases via the Marketplace from Land’s End and Hanes. I purchased a large tote for ME and several necessities for the Houseful from Hanes.

Lands End Tote Bag

In that one shopping trip, I racked up over 60 eBoxTops and became a Power Earner (discontinuing on May 31) which credits me an extra 10 eBoxTops for earning at least 100 Box Tops through the Marketplace.

This process only adds one step to your shopping experience. Signing on to and clicking the “Earn” link to connect you to the Marketplace. From there, you can check to see if the store that you want to shop through is also a participating Box Tops store and click to earn.

Hanes Box Tops Marketplace

After clicking on the link to the particular store, you will be taken directly to the web site for the participating store. *DO NOT ENTER THE STORES WEB ADDRESS YOURSELF* From there you can shop as usual, and you should receive an email like the one pictured at the beginning of my post stating that you have successfully earned eBoxTops through your purchase. The purchase will also show up in your OWN earnings section on the Box Tops for Education website. If your school does contests, and you have earned from online purchases, I would suggest printing out the email with the amount of Box Tops that you’ve earned (no fibbing – the coordinator can always match up store counts on their end) and submitting just like a sheet of clipped box tops. Box Tops Marketplace Earnings

I’m also super excited that during my time of shopping, Hanes was offering double box tops! So I earned twice as much with one regular purchase!

The Marketplace, with major retailers like Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Macy’s, and specialty shops like Oriental Trading Company, Build A Bear Workshop and Young Explorers, provides something for everyone’s shopping wants and needs. Just sign up to designate a school that will automatically receive eBoxTops as part of your online shopping experience.

 Box Tops for Education and its online Marketplace have helped nearly 90,000 schools across the country earn more than $525 million since the program started in 1996. Box Tops earnings are unrestricted dollars that schools can use for whatever they need most — from textbooks, laptops and musical instruments, to playground equipment, field trips and basic classroom supplies.

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