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Daria Music #Review and #Giveaway

Several months ago, I received a tweet from a musician asking me if I would be willing to review her CD’s. I was both honored and interested after going and visiting the website of Daria later that week. I was confident Daria Music was sure to make me happy, and happily, I wasn’t wrong.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that she had a section for Homeschoolers on her site, and when I clicked on it, it was chock full of at home projects that the ladybug and I could use whenever we get started on a music unit in the house. I’m holding off for now because I’m realizing that ALL of my children LOVE to sing, and they’re happy with making an instrument out of anything, so we’ve had plenty of fill ins for a while. I’m still eyeing our plastic water bottles and popcorn kernels to make some maracas AND I’m a little bit, okay a lot excited about making a rain stick. They always fascinated me in school, and I can’t wait to see the way that the ladybug and twizzlers react when they see the one that we’ve created.

The CD that I chose to review is the Grandchildren’s Delight mostly because it was full of songs that I loved as a child, and wanted to pass on to my children. It also has Do Your Ears Hang Low which is incredibly funny to watch when a child sings and tries to do all of the hand motions for. The ladybug is serious about her music!

I love that Daria mixes folk, with current songs, and then a plethora of cultural songs from around the world. I’m anxious to add to our collection as funds permit, and I’m excited that I get to share her with you all!

Now, here’s the deal – I get to give away one of these CD’s to one of my readers, and this is how you get to win.

The mandatory entry would be to tell me what your favorite song as a child was, and why.

You can gain extra entries by going to Daria’s Website and telling me which CD you would like to win.

Tweet this giveaway out and copy your link to the comment section below

Share this giveaway on Facebook and leave the link in the comment section below.

Follow Daria on Twitter @Dariasmusic and tell me you did so in the comments below

This giveaway will close on Monday June 18, 2012 at 11:59 pm and is open to all participants.

That’s it! You have a total of five chances to win a CD for you and your little ones and I’m sure that you will enjoy it! Have fun and happy singing!


Barb K

Wednesday 13th of June 2012

The CD I would like is the Beautiful Rainbow World. Sounds so nice.

Barb K

Wednesday 13th of June 2012

Bingo was my favorite. Because you could be as quite as you wanted to be or just as loud also good way to learn how to spell.

Aisha G of HartlynKids

Wednesday 6th of June 2012

Fave song - Father Abraham - because it was interactive.

Aisha G of HartlynKids

Wednesday 6th of June 2012

Love Daria's Music! Glad to see you collaborating!

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