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More Money to Jump #NaBlogPoMo

What is something that you would like to jump into if you had more time/money?

That’s a pretty loaded question there. Well, for me it is. I think that I would love to go a little bit crazy with home decoration. Seriously. I’m talking breaking down walls, and building in wall bookcases, and offices. Basically, I’d go and scour Pinterest for every idea that I could legally pilfer and get to work – or hire someone to do it, because, let’s just face it…I have four children and hanging out with them sometimes beats swinging a sledgehammer.

I do get a bit of house envy when I see some of my friends who live in places where you get more house for your money, but then I remember that I don’t have to deal with HOA’s or having a house that looks the same as everyone else on my block. Same layout, same front, same yard placement. If it works for them, I’m happy, but I need to be different. It’s something that it is inherently necessary for my blood type, which happens to be PepsiCo+ at the moment.

I sometimes sit and daydream about being able to go and spend an entire day out picking paint colors, and fixtures. Wanting to get crown molding for that room that we’ll never use except for photos. I want a kids room that would rival the best story ever. I want an office that spans the length of my house, not just a little corner (don’t get it twisted though, I’m still grateful) I want Mr. Houseful to have a man cave, so I could kick him and the kiddies down there out  have a place for him to go when I decide to do a girls night IN.

Money is a bit tight, and even though we have quite a bit of space in our house for Chicago living, there are days where I still feel that we are on top of each other. I long for the days of having an upstairs and a downstairs, and more than one bathroom. It gets hectic. Like Cheaper by the Dozen hectic.

From my lips to Gods ears though.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.