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Chuck E. Cheese’s, Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

Chuck E. Cheese’s, Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

Earlier this week, I shared how the Chuck E. Cheese’s in Oak Lawn, Il was having a fundraiser to raise money for the Advocate Children’s Hospital. The houseful was in attendance, and the kids had a BLAST while we helped to get Advocate to their fundraising goal. Plus, it’s always fun to go where a kid can be a kid – something that I’ve been hearing since *I* was a kid! Ahem. 

I am one of those parents who works Chuck E. Cheese’s into our schedule so that I don’t become one of the parents that doesn’t like Chuck E. Cheese’s. We normally go right when they open, or a couple of hours before they close so that we can run off some energy before heading to bed. With great coupons offered all year long, I don’t have to spend a ton for a great weeknight trip and meal. Even the teen likes coming every once in a while. Amazing, right? 

We walked in right after the customers and cast members had just finished creating cards for the children at Advocate Children’s Hospital. We were just a bit too late to participate, but we’re considering making up a batch from home and sending them over. My sister, Jessica, was a chronic asthmatic, had several LONG inpatient stays and would have loved to be on the receiving end of cards from other children. It got to the point that she was in the hospital so much that she made lifelong friends from people in her ward. 

Oak Lawn Chuck E. Cheese's

After ordering our meal, and getting our tokens, the kids set off to play their favorite games while Mr. Houseful and I waited for dinner to be delivered. I know that I wrote about it before, but the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s is so impressive now, that we often stop by while we’re out and about to have their buffet. If you order the special kids cups (which we got when we hosted a birthday party last year) they can bring them with and have free drinks for life. It’s a great value! 

Oak Lawn Chuck E. Cheese's and the Houseful of Littles

Truly, Where a kid can be a kid

No visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s is complete without playing the games, and it would be cruel to do that, right? Plus we were here to raise funds, and that’s exactly what we did. The kids were given a play time and let loose. We do have to watch Sir Twizzler, because he plays and just leaves his tickets in the game, and then becomes a bit confused when he can’t cash out at the end of his time. It’s definitely a lesson in cause and effect for him. He’s getting better. Here are a few of their favorite games. 


The squirrel bubble blaster is a lovely game for hand eye coordination. Actually, they all are, but this one really challenges the littles. 

All in all, we enjoyed our time at Chuck E. Cheese’s and look forward to participating in future fundraisers for Advocate Children’s Hospital. Until next time! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.


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