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Chicago Sights: Universoul Circus in Washington Park

Chicago Sights: Universoul Circus in Washington Park

The end of September is the start of Autumn, and the beginning of an event in Washington Park that residents all over the city look forward to yearly. The Universoul Circus takes residence and regales spectators for a full two hours and some change. 


This year, our entire family was able to make it down for opening night, and we enjoyed every moment of it. I’m a bit of a nervous nellie when acts involve heights or flying through the air with no net, and both of those happened during the show. I also love that during act change ups, the clowns (yes, clowns) entertain the audience with music and tricks. I wasn’t afraid of them, and that’s saying a lot. Being able to surround yourself with teenagers while having dance battles is a pretty epic thing to do. 


The elephants are always a draw at the Universoul Circus, as they should be. Such majestic creatures, and it takes me back to my time in Zambia last year. 

Universoul Circus

I don’t want to give away the entire circus, because it has changed since last year, so even if you have been and think that you know what’s going to happen, it’s probably not the case. I do love the intimacy of the circus and the fact that it really is a big top that pays homage to the traveling circuses of my parent’s time. The Ringleader is talented in his own right, and offers great commentary between acts. 

If you are afraid of heights, I will say that this circus did offer two acts that may make your heart beat exceptionally fast. Especially since they are doing them without nets. Oh my goodness it was a thrill a minute! 

The houseful of littles gave it six thumbs up (that’s six hands, and six thumbs, not one hand, six thumbs) and say that they look forward to coming back next year! Have you been? If so, share your thoughts below. 

Universoul Circus – September 28-October 30

Washington Park, Chicago 
E. 51st Street and S. Cottage Grove,  Chicago,  IL  60615
Tickets start at $12 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.